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🤯 My Mind Over thinking 🤯

Sleep is Healthy
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Either it be a night out or night in, our mind determines our night, night time. We can try our darndest to stay awake for short spans. The long haul staying awake for days is merely, impossible. Once the brain gets to a certain point, it shuts down. Auto pilot, the brain shuts off, can no longer function. The body and mind reset to re-energizer. Long periods of no sleep is unhealthy as behavior is abnormal, hallucinations, slow thinking and response time begin.

How to Get More Restful Sleep

If you can’t sleep because your mind is racing, then you aren’t alone. It runs through the day’s events and to-do list before you are even ready to go to bed. This keeps you from getting much sleep, and it makes you unable to accomplish anything. You are not getting the rest that you need or deserve, and you are feeling stressed and frustrated. Fortunately, there are ways to help you get more restful sleep.


Depending on the cause of stress, there are several possible ways to reduce it. You can use mindfulness exercises, and you can also download stress apps to help you reduce the amount of stress you feel. Mindfulness is a process of focusing on the present moment without any external distractions. Other effective stress management methods include eating healthy and exercising regularly. Staying away from caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods will also help reduce the stress you feel.

Excessive thinking before going to bed

Excessive thinking before going to bed can have a negative effect on your sleep. Research shows that it can cause insomnia. This occurs because your mind races through things and you can’t shut off the thoughts. Whether you’re worried about work, life, relationships, or any number of other issues, racing thoughts can disrupt your sleep. Fortunately, there are ways to manage your racing thoughts before you hit the hay.

One way to deal with excessive thoughts before you go to sleep is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness involves training your mind to be more present and in the present moment. For instance, while you’re driving, you could notice how you’re thinking about a different situation. Another method is to set aside a certain time to worry or solve a problem. If you’re finding this difficult, you should speak with your GP.

Keeping a notepad next to your bed can help you focus on your worries before bed. While this doesn’t work the same way as a structured worry session, it can help you feel more relaxed and sleep better. A good way to do this is to write down the things that are worrying you and make a plan to resolve them.


Visualization is a technique used to create an image of the future in your mind. This picture can be anything you want and can help you achieve your goals. It is a powerful tool that many people use to achieve success and relax. It also helps build your self-confidence. Using visualization exercises can help you get ahead in your career and life. Here are a few ways to use visualization to your advantage.

The technique is proven to be effective for a wide range of physical and stress-related conditions. In addition to helping you reach your goals, visualization can also improve your concentration, memory, and brain power. In addition, it is an excellent way to manage difficult emotions. It can also help you create a peaceful place in your mind where you can concentrate more effectively. It can also help you relax and sleep better. If you can’t seem to get enough sleep at night, visualization can help you create a safe place to retreat to.

The first step to visualization is to visualize a peaceful scene. This can be a real or imaginary scene. You can imagine yourself in a place you like or a place you’ve visited that has helped you feel calm. Another technique is to imagine your body relaxing and your breath coursing through your body. By visualizing your body relaxed, you can push unwanted thoughts out of your mind.


There are a few different types of treatment for My Mind never sleeps. Some treatments use cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches patients how to change their thinking and behavior to help them sleep. This treatment is often used for anxiety and other mental health problems, but it’s also useful for people who can’t sleep. It can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks to see results, and it helps people identify the triggers that cause their insomnia and learn ways to avoid them.

Sleep is important for a healthy mind and body. We all are guilty of staying up late on occasion. But when stress and overthinking keep our mind awake, it maybe time to seek professional advice. It’s okay for thinking to take place more so at times. The problem forms when we allow the disruptions of daily routine. Never under estimate a sleep deprived mind. It’s your mind that’s in charge of night, night.

Until our beautiful minds meet again. Be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter 🦋 -Della🦋💞

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⏰Sleeping With The Mental Mess

Sleep Through It

Your first thought is, “Oh my, I am not alone.” And then you think, “Well of course I am not alone—there are billions of us!” Just to crawl back in bed, grab the pillow. Ah! To be in that comfy spot, for as long as you want. Its true that we must sleep for the body to heal. Then thoughts start to bring the mental mess, just to sleep would stop those creepers. .You can feel yourself trumbling into a pit of self-doubt and despair. But then you remember that nobody knows what the right way of being is, so it doesn’t make sense to judge your particular version or anyone else’s. We are all just trying our best and this moment too shall pass.

You have spent many hours trying to figure out what makes life worth living—but now here you are with no answers at all except for the most basic ones: food, sleep and love (and varying amounts thereof). As we try to get through the crazy in the world, we forget about the moment. Glad to be present and focused. Ignoring all the needs and wants, leaving us confused.

Here are ideas to help clear the mess;

Perfection is your enemy.

As an artistic type, you are probably a perfectionist. You will also likely be very hard on yourself, always striving for the best outcome and beating yourself up when it doesn’t happen.

That’s all great, but sometimes in order to get something done or make something happen (like stepping out of your comfort zone), we have to stop being so hard on ourselves and realize that our best is good enough. Take a calm approach instead of getting defeating. Be patient to get things done.

We must learn how to accept imperfection as part of our creative process—and remember that there are no right answers! We are all unique individuals who look at the world in different ways; therefore nothing will ever fit exactly as it should or be perfect according to our own standards. Be patient with your achievements, as its only our own standards for the final results.. If you give your best then know its good enough.

Nothing can be solved in a single day.

if we learn anything it’s you can’t expect to fix everything in a given day. It takes time to get through challenges. Sometimes it can be best to make a plan of action. It can be difficult to solve a challenge without finding a solution. Seeing how you will solve the problem in writing; can help visualize needs to a solution.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to not beat myself up over something, if I don’t succeed at something once trying. Each challenge helps us to learn what works and what doesn’t work. Its okay if you don”t get it straight away.

This is because problems take time to solve, and you can’t change everything in a day (or even a week). It’s also important to have a routine and stick to it as much as possible. Everyone has good days and bad days, so it’s best to get used to this fact and learn how to deal with them.

Everyone’s just as lost as you.

We are all dealing with personal challenges. How we handle challenges is our special task that we learn overtime, our own way.

If you can’t ask for help ask for advice. Given in today’s society thevstruggles are real as ever. Its a messy world and so much to deal with, its easy to want to sleep through it. Sadly it just doesn’t pass over night. You wake up to start the mental mess all over. The problem isn’t still there as we left it.

It’s okay to not be okay

There are no shoulds or musts anymore.. Its a world where we learn to solve problems our way. Most importantly when we aren’t okay, its okay to create a plan. Awareness is what helps us when we aren’t okay. Just being aware can give us options. These option are what feels right or wrong. Knowingly, if you need advice resources are available. If you need to talk those people exist. Its what gets your needs meet.

You can do what you want. You don’t need to follow a certian way and some decisions in life don’t have to be life-changing. No one should tell you otherwise, unless you feel unable to make your own choices or decisions.

You always have choices—and that includes the choice not to make a choice. You can decide not to decide for as long as it makes sense for you, and that decision won’t hurt anyone or anything else. In fact if decisions help then: The less pressure on yourself from external forces (including from others), can be better!

It’s okay to get help.

You can’t do this alone, and neither should you try. Talk to your friends and family, and consider seeing a professional if you need one. You’re in good company—your friends and family are more likely than not going through the same stuff as you!

Be careful what you say yes to, because it can change everything. You know what best for your own being. Just don’t let matters continue to worsen without seeking help for your own being. Prolonged mental health concerns can get worse. Take care of yourself. You are not selfish to need self care.

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Blessing and much love. Remember Everyday Mind’s Matters 🌸

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