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Testing Patience

Faith and patience are two of the most important traits that we must develop if we want to get through life with dignity. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with the same level of resilience, which can make it difficult when it comes to disagreements or moments where our opinion differs from others. When those moments occur, it’s important for us to remain in control of our actions and behavior, no matter how much our feelings want to tell us otherwise.

Have Patience

In such cases, praying can often help guide us towards making the right decisions, allowing God to handle matters as best as possible. It’s important that we do not give in to any rash impulses during these times; instead, take a few moments to breathe and collect yourself so that you may assess the situation in a better way before attempting to find an appropriate solution. Only then will you be able to act out of character without regretting it later on.

When we encounter situations that test our faith and patience, it can be a difficult experience to get through. When two people have different views, disagreements can arise and lead to arguments or hurt feelings. In these cases, it’s important to know how to handle the situation in a positive way that doesn’t cause more harm or emotional pain. The first step is to take some time and think before speaking. When emotions are running high, it can be easy to react without considering the consequences of your words. Pause and reflect on what the other person has said instead of instantly reacting. It may even be helpful to take a break from the conversation altogether if necessary in order to regain composure and ensure you won’t regret your words later.

Once you are able to discuss the situation with a calmer headspace, express your opinion respectfully. Be open minded and try not to talk over one another – take turns when talking about the issue at hand and let each person have their say. Listen actively for what the other person is saying rather than merely hearing them out and already formulating a rebuttal in your head as they speak. Ultimately, this will help foster understanding on both sides as well as build empathy which could ultimately bring you closer together as opposed to driving further apart. Even if you don’t agree with the other person’s opinion or perspective on things, respect their right to have it nonetheless. Showing acceptance even in times of disagreement will go a long way.

Maintaining peace between two people with opposing beliefs or opinions while still allowing both sides the freedom to share their point of view; without feeling judged or attacked by the other party involved. By testing our faith and patience with difficult conversations and tough topics, we have an opportunity for growth – if handled correctly. Rather than looking at such situations as “painful experiences”, view them instead as potential lessons that can bring us closer together as we learn from each other with mutual understanding and compassion rather than simply competing against each other for who can “win” in any given argument or debate.

Conflicting views or relationships can trigger our mental health issues. How we are able to balance conflict is a matter of patience. Even though our patience can be tested, you are in control. You are able to change a defusing situation by your mindset. It can be easy to speak out of character but to resolve the matter with patience, takes practice. High emotions will not help the situation. Emotions will only trigger action or behavior that can escalate the situation. Trying to be calm is a practice that involves breathing technique, that relaxes the mindset. Giving the ability to rethink the message sent by the other person. Once a balance of acceptance is clear the views can point in the right direction.

As we all know, being open minded is important to convey the point of view in a suitable environment. Allowing the mental process to view the empathy behind the intention. Most likely being level headed will defuse the matter to an understanding. Giving the parties opportunity to rationalize through knowledge vs. action. Not every situation can be resolved peacefully. However minimizing the behavior will prevent further conflict. The best scenario is to conquer with kindness. Your resistance to listen or view the perception will determine the end result. Do take a minute to level down and communicate effectively. Take a minute to regroup the mindset so testing patience, will resolve efficiently.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much. Remember Everyday Minds Matter. -Della 💞🦋