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Great source of Income

Do your own thing with Doordash or Uber Eats.

Food Delivery Doordash or Uber Eats
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Do you love being out in the community? Are you a people person who has dreamed of being your own boss? Well I am here to give you some insight about being a “gig worker”.

For myself, working long hours in a factory, warehouse, or job leaving after a shift- just feeling tired, exhausted, and wanting something more. Something inside just feels incomplete. Let me say this, I found Doordash, Uber Eats, Instacart, Shipt, and Spark by researching wanting something different. I realized that this has been more than a blessing. After trial and error, I finally figured it out. Of course no one wants to work endless hours at a job that you leave in the evening and start all over the next day. With no feeling of accomplishment, happiness other than it’s a paycheck. So here’s what I am introducing you too:

Do you want to make money and have the flexibility to work whenever you want? Doordash and Uber Eats can be great gigs for those looking for a side hustle or even a full-time job. But how can you maximize your profits and make the most out of this type of work? I have put together a few tips that should help you become a successful delivery driver. First and foremost, always strive to maintain excellent ratings and customer service. Having good reviews will open the doors to more lucrative delivery options such as premium and time-sensitive orders. The key here is to remain professional at all times. Always show up on time and make sure you have the correct order. If an order is wrong, do not argue and remain patient and friendly when working with customers. Another tip to remember is to be prepared and make sure you are familiar with the area you are delivering in. You don’t want to get lost or run into traffic or other obstacles that could make you late. Do some research before each order so that you know what route to take and have an idea of where you are going. Lastly, do your best to be efficient. You would really be surprised how much communication plays a key role in delivery success. Just a courtesy message that’s not a scripted message letting the customer know you have a couple orders with their order. Or that you are at the store waiting for the order to be ready. Just these small gestures are guaranteed to boost ratings, tips, and the best self service for the customer.

Most importantly, just because you are self-employed, doesn’t mean to dress for a night at the house. It’s very important to be presentable, car to be clean on the inside, and make a good impression. Which includes, no smoking during deliveries, no strange odors in the car, no garbage in the car, just be aware of the cleanliness while handling food. And be mindful, as how you wouldn’t want your food exposed to or handled carelessly. Take the job seriously and everything else will open doors for future prosperity.

There is money to be made, but you don’t want to spend hours on the road trying to deliver a few orders. It’s a good idea to find a few restaurants in your area and stay near them as much as possible so that you don’t waste time driving around town. This will also help you cut costs since you won’t have to use as much fuel or spend as much time on the road. These tips should help you become a successful DoorDash and Uber Eats driver. You may not get rich doing this work, but if you remain diligent and stay organized, you can definitely make a decent income. So don’t forget – be professional, stay organized, be prepared, and always be on time. With the right attitude and determination, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful delivery driver. Good luck!

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If you have any questions feel free to ask, I have been doing this type of work for a couple years now. And the secrets to success is learning from others. Best wish and good luck 🍀🦋

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

🍎Connecting to Delivery

Good Food

The world might be a little unpredictable. Okay, it is very unpredictable in all aspects of employment, finances, stocks, automobile, housing, etc,. One thing as humans to survive we need food. It may not be available at times due to situations or hardship. Survival depends on some sort of food source. We must eat. In this lifetime, its truly amazing that eating can become habit forming. And when I say habit forming, good food can change our outlook towards eating. Addictive and craved are indication of an addiction to food.

Eating is just part of being human. Some may over eat out of bordem or stress. A disorder or life changing events can alter our relationship with food. In some cases, people may not enjoy the comfort of food. While others may use food as a comfort mechanism. Either way food addiction can cause mental anguish. Mental stress and eating disorders are quilt triggered addictions. Feeling pleasure while eating yet quilt struck after endulging.

Regardless of one’s situation food is a must. At this time in our new world after covid, social distancing has become a new normal. Food delivery either groceries or from restaurants is a big deal. I personally work for both Uber Eats and Instacart loving the opportunity. The rewards of happy people can’t explain the advantages of delivery. People are very grateful as it saves them time and money. Many shirt conversations people are happy to give a nice tip any day. Verses the time spent in a struggle grocery store. As for my experience, I am a communicator while shopping or picking up at a restuarant.

When an item is not available, I take time to make the next available item known for replacement. Or whatever needed to help the customer get close to substitute if all possible. Personally having a time frame for Instacart does ruffle my feathers at times. But I just learned to ignore the time frame. It really blows my mind that a company will out a time limit in an order or batch that has 2 orders or more. Why? Stores are at a high of shortages, improvements and high demand of items. Its not easy as it may sound to shop for 50 items in less than 30 minutes. Finding product for a vegan or specialty items within diet can be confusing and complicated..

Recently I had the experience of finding vegan items. Honestly I was lost, no clue. Without the experience I would not have the opportunity to encourage understanding and knowledge for the next experience. You might be thinking time management is the answer. Well I believe my excellent ratings and high quality abilities are reason that numbers are just numbers. With a positive stance, that numbers are just numbers are truth that equals success.


Customer orders 40 items. Batch pay plus tip est. $15.00 Includes an estimated $7.50 tip. **Please note* If you don’t communicate with the customer, not even send a greeting that you are the shopper. Show up with 23 items. Believe me your tip will decrease quickly before you put the car in reverse.

I personally go above matters for customers. You might be your own boss in ways. Customers are your paycheck. Simple as that. From the acceptance of the order and 24 hours after delivery. You the shopper will cross the mind of the customer more than once in that time frame. Customers are wonderful individuals who trust you to go above and beyond to deliver the eggs unbroken, bread in tact, and groceries as precise as your ability. If one of those options are altered, that experience will reflect on the you as the shopper.

With this being said I take the extra 15 mins past my shopping goal time. A late delivery will make a customer happy if you are searching for an item needed. With GPS customers know where you are til the order is delivered. Communication is simple and easy.

Back to the example that $15 batch pay will and can increase with your efforts. I have had customers thank me fir adding items or finding a good substitute with an in application tip. Then handing me $10 in cash. Thank you and your welcome are tip friendly gestures. ** Please be mindful that money is tight, people are struggling. Be appreciative of the smile you gave by delivering. I had customers repeat many times that was heart wrenching to apologize for not having extra money for a tip. * ** if you get butt hurt over no tip. This job is not for you. Be blessed for the $20 tip for delivery 4 item much needed by a customer who was rushed for time and you showed up yesterday. If you take the reflection of putting a smile on someone face, the blessing will always be there.

Have the mentality of giving is receiving. Be a giver with a good heart. And the rewards are a surprise.

After all the blessings of delivery is awesome. The new faces and friendly appreciation are positive every delivery. If you want positive feedback. If you choose otherwise, well you will get feedback very quickly in negative results.

After all people want what you want. To save time and money. The work will always be available. We are human we love to eat.

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter 💖 -Della🦋