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πŸ‘£ My Story My Version – *Growth & Development for Caregiver*

Growth & Development – Insight to Purpose – Finding My Way – Caregiver

Oh! What a beautiful world we live in. The creation of humans, an honest act of intimate sexual behavior. The need to look around, isn’t necessary. The sexual act to reproduce is going strong. πŸ˜‹ Though have you ever just got stumped and wondered- what if lives came with instructions, a blue print to our lives? The mystery to living would be pretty simple, boring, and overall faulty. Yes, I said faulty.😊 Nothing would be realistic to operate and function. Guidelines responsible for behavior, intelligence, growth, appearance would be the same. An most importantly, different is what makes the beautiful characters we have designed ourselves. The moment one takes that first breathe of life, everyday moment matters. By experience, environment, and one’s developmental growth, character begins to form one’s inner core – the foundation. Mental and physical health are priority to ones foundation that give us insight into adulthood.

How we view others and our surroundings; teach us valuable life lessons. We can take the good and bad experiences with dignity to learn valuable life skills. Those choices to develop and grow are important. Choices can influence one to fall into the wrong environment. Either way our core character is reflected out to the world (potential customers). Potential customers are those influenced friends, family, or encounters throughout one’s lifetime.

Once the core foundation is rooted by developmental influences; it can be difficult to change or be altered. When our mind and behavior are aligned those concepts become reality. Our thinking, beliefs, and comphrehension form in finding the way. Finding your way defines character from developmental growth. Everyday forward influences fundamental tools, solutions and offer resolution to challenges from life events.

Finding my way influenced my choices and decisions that offered – natural caregiving skills. To read the in-depth story – My Story My Version – Finding my way – Caregiver