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Daily Prompt: Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

Clifford was a children’s book written by Norman Bridwell in 1963, and the story revolved around a small girl named Emily Elizabeth and her pet dog Clifford, who was larger than life. This charming story told the tale of a young girl who lived with her dog in a big city. While Emily loved Clifford dearly, there were times when having a giant-sized pet could be a challenge.

One of my favorite moments in the book is when Clifford and Emily play fetch with a tree branch. Clifford brings the whole tree back instead of the stick! Emily and Clifford’s playtime ends when the fire brigade must be called in to free Clifford from a parked truck he’s gotten himself stuck in.

The charming story made me fall in love with Clifford’s character and wish that children had known of this amazing book. What I enjoyed most about Clifford was how the story touched on some fundamental lessons in life that children could relate to. Through the antics of Clifford and his owner, the book encouraged kids to appreciate and embrace their unique characteristics. The book also touched on themes such as empathy, self-confidence, and accepting others who are different from us. Even though, Im an adult now, the memory of Clifford has stuck with me. Whenever I see a large dog, I can’t help but think of him! Norman Bridwell created a fantastic world that took me away from the stresses of the world as a child and gave me an opportunity to see that anything was possible. Clifford taught me important life lessons that still resonate with me today, and for that, I’ll always have a soft spot for this charming dog.

As an adult, it’s nice to revisit our childhood stories. Either they be in a book, an event, or just a person who touched our lives. Our childhood has a story of who we are and who we become.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

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Three Objects can’t live without

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Most of us wouldn’t get very far in life without our car, our phone, and our money. These three objects are essential for our modern day lives, providing us with essential tools for success and stability.

Having a reliable car is necessary for most people in order to get to work and travel for pleasure. It gives us freedom to move and explore the world, opening us up to more opportunities and experiences. It is more than an object – it’s a vehicle of possibility.

Our phone keeps us connected and gives us access to endless sources of information and entertainment. It helps us stay in touch with our loved ones, work, and community. It is more than just an object – it’s a lifeline.

Money helps us make ends meet, allowing us to buy essential necessities and other items we may desire. It allows us to make financial investments and grow our wealth, helping us achieve financial stability. It is more than an object – it’s a symbol of success.

At the end of the day, it is clear that our car, phone, and money are all essential objects to help us succeed and thrive in today’s world. They are more than just items – they are catalysts of progress.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋