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🌌Faulty Playground

– Broken Rules –

We build our own playground

Every chime of a clock, we fail to notice. Sunday church bells, no longer ring. Sunday family gatherings, to busy to host.. Reality is- Deep into technology, hearing mutter and mumble, forgotten what is said around us. Later reminded, the conversation was bleep and attention-span had gone to lunch.. A communication default that has grown into normal. Failing to remember and discard the acknowledgement of conversation… Crippled existance of our own awareness. Are we excused for no longer being available to communicate? Are we presented as invisible and untouched? A new world of creating our own rules as we go. Where boundaries have become disagreements due to miscommunication.

I know; cell phones are now priority, but damn it people- – social media does not have quality interest. In which pose as important priority over others. In my opinion, you can’t prioritize a post someone wrote, or video on youtube at high priority over; an in person conversation with your child, spouse or your boss. Yes, this is more common than noticed. Have you ever been in a restaurant and seen a parent on social media? The child doing a hand stand on the next table? Entertaining nearby occupants? Yes, maybe a little added humor, the point is everyone else see it but the responsible party. That responsible parent is those buried in a youtube video or tweeting “Eating with the kids at Hardee’s”. Added with an attached selfie – solo. My blood boils to my finger tips to express the ridiculous nature. Those words that mutter, to be heard- how hand-painting was the highlight of the day. The little voices need parental connection and contact. Big hugs and kisses.; listen to the needs, interact with their physical and mental character. … Children use all available senses to educate themselves to be an adult. Development is taught through their peers, environment, and depend on those resources. Seeking attention and admiration from all available sources. Later, the child is burning energy by flipping repeatedly through the wallway- as parents it annoying. Why because its become a distraction to your selfish nature. But it’s redirected to the childs fault. Yes it’s a young wild animal in a cage. Stuck in the house, closed in. Children are born ready to explore. – break shit, make messes, jump, flip, laugh, run, that’s their playground. A big world that screams come play.. Its our playground, to explore, create, learn, and build our home. Resources and supplies to burn good energy has faded. Playgrounds and parks are slowly being removed. Waterpatks, outdoor entertainment, has increased maintenance and up keep- are now closed.

We are all responsible for the mess, we have created. Let’s go ahead and blame covid-19, the perfect excuse used for past 2 years, now. Covid-19 has created a world of permanent social distancing. As humans, comfort is priority. Lacking structure, we refuse to except bitter truth and pain. Allowing our own habits, right or wrong to become normal. Buy here, pay later- – laugh with me as I say this next line; Clearly, we have built our lives around the similar nature. . not realizing – – We act now, Deal with it,- later. Think about your motives and desires. . . Our needs have become unstoppable. . . Our first reaction to unwanted noise – walk away.. If something doesn’t benefits our needs, we distance ourselves. Sadly, we have become selfish creatures, who refuse to tolerate- change or idifferences. Seeking benefits that forfill our desires and needs – right here, right now. Trying to outsource each other, instead of lending a hand. Finding pleasure in another one’s pain. Empathy, compassion, appreciation – continues to fall from the merri-go-round. If opportunity opens- some may even push one to enjoy, power of other’s failure. . . A self inflicted acceptance to our ego. I beat you to the top of the slide pushing the one in front to the side.. Later, to reach out to that same one for assistance, when we fall and we are face with needing help. Self-absorbed, no regret or remorse, no apology. Failure to accept wrong behavior- and be rewarded for being a jerk! It’s far from acceptance. Its not okay, to be okay hurting others. Conditioned that its okay, repeated over and over again. Then left to wonder why other’s act like they done something wrong. Forgotten behavior at our high on life moment. . And once again -Yes, we did. . our egos conditioned to filter only what we expect. Nothing more, – nothing less. . If something don’t work, we don’t fix it, – we get rid of it. Yes your next thought- right on target.

Relationships, just the same. We created and built wall barrier that fit our lifestyle. Barriers that allow us to dismiss uncomfortable situations or block pain. Forced to say no, when deep inside- ego determined to express emotion – “yes” falls out of our mouth. Anything that promotes us as great. To me, great is another phenomenon -presumption of what “should be”. My eyes have only seen the best in others because we have our own skills, talent, and problems. We are human.

When mouths drop words that can’t be be taken back or rewind- those words become problems. Over a course of time those words are defenses. Later to create a deeper wound that- builds a tension attitude. What? The sweetest individuals are hardened to speak the truth. The world has festered into “An Army of One”. Settling for not okay, and saying I’m okay!! Is not healthy; by any means. Our playground is overloaded, continuously spinning in all directions.

What we seek can not at times be found.  Trying to find a perfect partner can be unrealistic. Even though we may continue to hold hope.  Myth of love and life are imaginations of presumptions created by a screen writer. Over time- past relationships fail because our minds change as we mature. One’s thinking, behavior, needs, and desires change. If everything was the same; we would love each other for who we are, and who that other person is, through change. That process is not fool proof but it does involve hard work dedication and lots of creative overtime. Each of us have beautiful qualities and visions that we hope to forefill into completed dreams.

One’s goal may envision had played in the same sandbox as a child. Having the same morals and values of the potential life partner. Even jumping sandboxes to embrace difference that mesh by being balanced and open-minded. No matter how you play on the playground, its okay to socialize with new members. Its about how well you play with others, be yourself, but be honest and precise. Playground manners are important.

To help fix the corrupted playgrounds, we must fix ourselves. Be true to yourself, learn what you need and desires as a person. Be honest about who you are, false impression is rain on the day before the game. It can be disappointing to be at the top of the slide then the cracks surface. Scary situation when our hearts at risk.

Playgrounds have broken rules. We all been hurt so many times. That relationship merry-go-round is a cycle everyone has jumped from. Immune to the bitter grounds no one seems to want to play fair. Its afraid to be yourself or face the challenges- honestly. If we just allowed our truth to surface and be upfront- our playgrounds would be pretty awesome. After all why play where everyone knows your not a go fit in the sandbox? I would rather enjoy the company if open-minded guest vs. those who are experienced throwing sand in the eyes.

Until our minds meet again.. Be safe out there. Blessings and much love.. Remember Everyday Minds Matter🐿🦋

👣 My Story My Version – Superhero👣


Photo by Katya Wolf on Pexels.com

As a child, we all had/still have that superhero favorite character. The superhero who saves the world, takes all your sadness away, without saying a word. Needless to say, saved us from the boogie man under the bed- multiple times. Of course, ninja turtles, batman, Big Bird, Elmer Fdd, Robinhood, Bugs Bunny, etc., As the list goes on. That choice of superhero character grows in us as we grow with knowledge and wisdom. Consciously those characters come alive from within, unexpectedly to help us through tough times. Until age starts to help our mind relate to life, our superhero is the shit. Not one person can tell us different. Regardless what anyone has told you, our hero could hold secrets, clean up messes, keep us from an ass whipping, and fly to space; have lunch with Alf, be back by bedtime. Pretty impressive, right?

Nothing could prove us different or otherwise. Our superhero character built the image of who we are. That’s part of our driving force in life. Now your probably thinking, how is that possible if you were born in an age of no television? Well as I asked many elders in my days.. They all had the same answer. A made up vision or version of who they wanted to be. Or someone they known with special superhero powers.

Pretty amazing, our minds create a false impression or supped up character without a visual in reality to copy. If you try to vision something, you may see this guy. At one point this guy pictured below did a lot of crazy stuff. 😊

Stickman by Tom Fulp 1990’s

I bet your laughing right now. Never expected this guy – Stickman, huh? I believe its interesting to a fascination; how our memory puts something in storage and when that rotary spins around or shuffled, there it be – Stickman. With a smile on the face – incredible, Stickman made breaking news.. Resurfaced 30 years later and he still in search of his clothes. 😁

Just like our childhood superhero or favorite character, they show up least excepted.

My superhero showed up when I was only a few months old. In 1978, the house was occupied by five or more relatives. The curtains managed to tangle in a nearby box fan causing a house fire. All the commotion of getting all those in the house out. Everyone gathered outside, my oldest brother asked “where’s the baby”? Without hestitation, my big brother rescued me from the fire, smoke inhalation, and save my life. Guessing everyone, assumed someone had got me, being the bady, no one did. My superhero showed up with an invisible cape, much love, and a quick response.

As a baby, I couldn’t remember any of the event that took place. Remembering, the act of bravery once of, told and aware of the situation as a baby. Until your mind accepts reality, the impact of experience can’t be imagined. For myself, its something I am consciously appreciative to the importance of life and value of others. Why? My brother had a choice, and that choice he acted to save me is a blessing everyday. I have carried that pay it forward mentality all my life, due to his actions. His role carries a demonstration to help others, be a man, be yourself, laugh, enjoy life, and the smile he carries – is his own. Special design, created of his true character – superhero – to me my big brother – 💜

A big part of who I am, for his bravery to save my life. Some might say the house wasn’t in gulfed in flames. Or the fire was overbearing, smoke filled the house and curtains caused the house to catch fire. I was inside and anything could have prevented him from my rescue. Smoke exhaustion, inhalation, being trapped in the house, unable to reach me, or inhaling smoke being an infant all are dangerous and life-threatening. As he attempted to enter a burning house fire, my brother didn’t need a superhero suit, or a fire fighter degree, he did it out of love and character. Skills and knowledge we inherit throughout life. These are superhero skills that define our character and our person. No suit or helmet is required. Strength and awareness is required a plan of action that takes control. Thinking without thinking, acting with limits or boundaries – impulse.

This image is my original strawberry shortcake doll, ( maybe from the late 80’s. My niece played with as a child around 2013. It wasn’t her favorite character – Dora the Explorer was her chosen character. Strawberry shortcake had my heart, as my favorite childhood character. Maybe the sweet, innoncent, happy, caring, and smell good, (yes, she smelled of strawberries) was her image. Played a big role in *most my life growing up. Reflection to help others, be kind, happy, caring, and smell good. I put forth my best effort to be helpful to others; as much as possible throughout life.

Strawberry shortcake doll
My own image – Della Lonaker 2013

No matter what superhero you choose as a childhood favorite, it follows you throughout life. Our creation of character is built on our enviroment, our special thoughts, development of inner soul. Our creation is our own that no one else can copy.. No copy, repeat, image or resemblence can be deplicated. You are one special beautiful superhero. 🦋

As a reflection to my childhood, take a moment and compare your superhero or favorite character. How does your superhero compare to your own self reflection? Do you still have conscious superhero powers that get you through life struggles and challenges, current or present? We might grow in age, yet those childhood excitements never leave us.. We are just big kids that gain knowledge and height, the kid never fades away.. Its okay to be that kid at times.. It allows us to be ourselves, while we age and who we need to be.

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there, much love and blessings. Remember, Everyday Mind’s. Matter 🦋

– Much💜, Della 🦋