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👐 My Story My Version: Touched by an Angel 👐

Gift of an Angel
Touch of An Angel

May of 1987, celebrating the first birthday of my cousin. Laughter and voices filled the air, splashes of pool water throughout the day; memories made. As the day grew old, darkness was closing in. My uncle and brother headed to the car to retrieve hanging lights to continue the celebration. Unable to go, hiding by the garbage cans, I waited. Watching as they crossed the street, then slowly followed to the edge of the street. In a distance my eyes locked on to a red and white Coke-Cola sign. Hung from a local Pub or Bar. One step in the street—.

An old blue station wagon struck me in the right side. That moment everything went dark. Complete darkness when a soft swift felt under my body. A bright white light covered my eye lids, as tranquility flowed through my body. In the darkness of the moment, a soft voice whispered in my ear. Unable to understand the words, calming music or instruments was heard. Opening my eyes to a pure bright white light. The ray of beauty of an Angel that held me in her presence. A moment of tranquility filled my body, no pain, sadness or tears. My eyes fixed on the angel who glowed with peace and love.

What then seemed to be a real moment of watching as a car hit my body. Tossed in slow motion, a blue head band flung in the air. The sound of screeching echoed in the air, from the tires braking to dodge the child in view. Instantly my body flew in the air like a sling shot. Roughly 15 ft. as a solid dropped childs body bounced off the windshield. A final roll of what appeared as a rag doll, smacked the hood of the car. Only to tumble in a final hard drop, ending with the pavement. The rolling of a blue head band was heard as it spun to a complete stop. As a witness ran to the body of the young child. Appeared laying lifeless in the street. Nearby, the childs uncle and brother also had witnessed the accident. As a crowd gathered round, the passenger door of the car opened, when a gun fell in the street. The two occupants of the car had just shot and buried a family dog. Commotion got loud, realizing the two men had been in-laws to the family.

  • (I want to make this side note ) – I believe the impact caused the unconsciousness.  If this was a dream or if I died it would be confusing. With no open gashes, wounds, scratches, head trauma or injury noticeable.  It confusing as the next two paragraphs are blurred.  I have struggled for years to write the meaning and detail – theres no right words or structure. Able to witness and experience at the same time.  Here goes..)*

** the presence of a beautiful angel. As we watched the accident play on a big screen – real-life. Nothing at the moment felt pain or sadness. I couldn’t hear talking or feel anything as the ambulance arrived. )**

During the experience, shadows I could see many people the seemed very busy. If they were people, they would appear in a distance not noticing me. I don’t remember any noise of like production work or any chaos. Instrument sounds played softly and a voice of a man was heard, “the time come, exact form will flow like a river – a gift”.  Waiting to see a face or person, neither revealed. I could only remember those words clearly. Yet never able to hear the clear words the angel had whispered in my ear. Those words were of a man, aren’t 100% since never seeing a face. Even though the voice was calm and clear, to me was a mans voice. Those words I didn’t understand. “The time come, exact form will flow like a river – a gift”.

The ambulance arrived, taking me to the nearby hospital. Every moment the beautiful angel held me in her arms. Watching life in real time, I could hear soft glamorous sound of music. A music that was soothing peaceful, happy, and complete joy. To feel the tranquility to amazing to be real. Time to time my angel would whisper in my ear. The voice so clear and stable never explained what was happening. Thankful for the presence, comfort, yet confused to  – Am I dreaming? Reality of where I was in this experience. I could see people that were in real-time. I couldn’t communicate or hear – its confusing to describe the stuck in between moments. I could hear a formilar voice and a hard pull at my ear. Being tossed on to a bed, lights were bright, a woman said, “You remember me”? My oldest brothers mother-in-law. I didn’t get to respond, my little body hurt so bad. Opening my eyes, as I woke up, I began to vomit. The pain was over baring, why did everything hurt? All of a sudden, a lady was jerking at my ear, trying to remove my earrings. Mrs. D, my brothers, mother-in-law took charge. Gently removed both earrings. Preparing me to have a CAT scan. Not feeling well at all, I continued to vomit. Mrs. D gave me a shot, so the vomiting would stop. I must have fallen asleep momentarily, mom and dad was sitting next to my bed. I thought I was going for CAT scan but that was done when I fell asleep. Dad helped me up, and mom walked me to the bathroom. Now a urinalysis test was needed before being discharged. Closing the door in the restroom as I went alone, while mom was talking to Mrs. D outside the door. I felt horrible, weak and tired… I tried so, so hard to urinate. I couldn’t, I wanted to cry. As I sat on the toilet, my (Angel) stood in a smoke fog by the door. She just smiled at me, if she had words to say – nothing was heard or spoken. She was so beautiful and smiled the prettiest smile. I was so happy to see her I started to pee. She waved and disappeared through the door. Had I realized I used the bathroom? Mom open the door and asked if I was okay? I told her I couldn’t go, Mrs. D said “you did go honey”. Not long after releasing and we went to my aunts to stay the night.

Had I been touched by an Angel? Absolutely! Was this an out of body experience and did I go to heaven? I wouldn’t say heaven for sure. However, I did experience a moment out of body. That short time, felt amazing and peacefully heartfelt. Was there a purpose? Of course, it took me quite sometime to adjust. To fully understand the purpose – Trying to understand one day, I asked my mamaw. She read a big book that, was always placed on her coffee table. Reminder as nothing is to be on the book – the “Bible.” Asking her if the invisible man was part of the Bible? “Yes, the good Lord’s work, Jesus”. I tried to explain how when I got hit by the car, an Angel sweep down and saved me. My mamaw told me Angels was around us all the time. Angels help us through situations and work for Jesus. She explained the bible. I was young and didn’t grasp the understanding. I never told anyone, writing was my understanding and awareness to this so called “gift”. Unable to ask questions about the beautiful angel that gifted me. My mind always looked for answers. I had heard about this man Jesus, invisible or a higher power. Mamaw gave me some information but I needed to know more. Some said he made miracles happen. Never had I met him or heard from him. One day after writing in my journal, looking around my room.- no one was there just me. Not knowing how to contact this man, I figured maybe if I just talk to him. – Just maybe this higher power would help me understand. Remind you. I am 9 years old, – The 5th grader and learning a few things. Not really, clueless by all means, to any grown up stuff. So here I am, ready set go. Exact words I had said. Higher power that’s invisible. Crazy how I never forgot this day. Its clear as ever nearly (34 years later). Anyway, Higher power that’s invisible, I got hit by a car and I knew the guys. They are relation to my brother. Well Higher power, this lady very beautiful – my angel lady held me while this dream happened. The dream was real when the car hit me. I started to feel like I was having a real-life conversation with higher power. He was invisible but little by little words or bits and piece of talking I could hear. A kid – higher power I can’t hear you. Almost like a radio with static seemed to be heard, clear words, static, static, then I would feel warm or cold. I would have these visions or pictures in my head, and then like on big screen. Trying to squint my eyes, wanting to see the message, given me. Lord, I’m a kid, can you tell me what “the time come, exact form will flow like a river, mean? Everything went silent, why did he stop talking to me?

Every now and then, if I squinted hard enough I could see the view clearer. The struggle to see got easier and easier. The radio talking had less static more clear voice. That radio had messages that scared me. After a little while I could feel my body temperature change and see unpleasant views. Hearing voices that had negative energy. Those at times weren’t comfortable. I didn’t like those visions of evil – mad people. It was hard to understand.

One day after school, getting off the bus felt like I stumbled. I felt dizzy and very hot. Stopping at mamaws trailer, the front door was cracked, immediately it was hot in there. All stove burners red hot, nothing on the stove. Potato peels on the floor, something was wrong. Mamaw was so confused, I got the stool and turned the burners off, having mamaw sit down. She wasn’t feeling well, she was very hot. Calling mom and dad, dad came up and he said mamaw was trying to cook. Her daughters were coming to visit from Florida. Dad and mom took mamaw to the hospital to have her checked out.

Later that evening, dad, mom, brought mamaw to stay at our house. My aunt – dads sister came to stay also. The doctor said mamaw had, had several mini strokes. The plan was to take her to the family doctor in the morning. My aunt slept in the room with my mamaw, I slept on the couch in the living room. Waking to my aunt and dad talking, dad told me to go back to sleep. They both went into the bedroom. My aunt had mamaws head in her lap. Whipping mamaws head with a wash cloth and talking to her. Mamaw took a drink of gatorade and said “that was good, nice and cold”. Waiting to see, I went closer to the bed as dad stood by the door. My aunt put my hand with mamaws, she said to me “no matter what, I will always be with you as you carry my name”. I started to cry she said “I love you.” Dad came and got me I went into the living room. Mamaw passed, my first experience of death. My uncle and aunt that lived a couple of minutes away came up. Waiting for the corner to arrive, dad called mamaws sisters in Ohio. Aunt Mary answered dad told her about mamaw, she said Georgia (other sister) was sleeping that she was up earlier and didn’t feel well. So she would let her know later after she woke up. An hour later, Aunt Mary called saying she decided to go ahead and wake Georgia. To give the news and she had passed as well in her sleep. Two sisters two hours of passing and not knowing of each others death.

Trying to grasp this so called death – experience was confusing. Then these people brought a stretcher through the house. As I sat on the couch, a few minutes later they took mamaw out in a zipped up bag. My aunt said, I should have not seen that image. Its in my head still to this day. Death is a mysterious moment that stings our mind at times. There are no preparations to death. I had never seen my dad cry – Until that day, mamaw passed. This day had changed my life, in so many ways. That my next post My Story My Version – The Gift will be in-depth to death. How the impact to my life was positive and negative. How the out of body experience possibly prepared me for death experiences.

Look for 🙏My Story My Version – The Gift 🙏 coming soon.. Thank you reading my story and allowing my to share the experience. Until our beautiful minds meet again. Be safe out there, many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter – Della💗🦋

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🦋 Mental Truth: Invisible Energy

Invisible Energy

Our waking moments, the mind is set to auto response. Auto-pilot of conscious or unconscious behavior created by habits – daily routine. Motions are set where as, thinking is no longer required.. Little to no effort, the mind takes action.

Like a pre-programmed response, action to act now. Everything for the matter is on point or in check. A positive energy to motivate and be productive. The purpose to life, reason to be here on earth, right? Work, be productive, and build a life.

A day of routine, headed to work and road construction, unexpected. The body and minds response to act now and fast. Our minds are now on a time response trigger the fight or flight. Thinking am I going to be late? As the mind works fast to respond to being late for work. Not even late just yet, the over production of thoughts trigger act now. Mental truth the storage unit that has reserved and stored behavior or action to events. Fight or flight stored into – invisible energy. The action to respond is next. A little minor delay that – negative touch of energy. Nothing to intense, a small added stressor to the morning commute. Slow traffic, still arrive fifteen minutes early to work. The body breathes in relief, the mental truth – is still lingering to store the stressor. A mental technique the mind unconsciously stashes those moments. Later in the afternoon, a neighborhood kid breaks the car window with a baseball. Another unexpected act of event or situation. The emotion is triggered by energy, unconsciously still held from the morning commute. The response is positive or negative filter by the central nervous system.

An adjustment that alters the mood throughout the day. Physically and mentally the effects are still available. One may believe the situation is worry free. Or the unconscious belief the mind disconnected the issue. The body’s response that triggers the mental connection is the culprit. Response to behavior is everything. As the culprit is the problem that intensifies behavior or action. That moment of calmness or the moment of rage. Delay in traffic or baseball breaking the windshield? What other stressors might be stored away from previous events?

This I believe is invisible energy that triggers mental truth. The brain is made of many nerves and transmitters. The nerves snd response in cells form thoughts, emotions, actions and the automatic functions of your body. The different psychological neurons transmit signals through nerve cells. (nerve cells, or neurons, that make up the central nervous system) These neurons transmit and receive electrochemical signals that produce the automatic functions. Its quite a beautiful science to understand the power of the mind. One would argue the brain and mind are considered the same, yet by terms, possibly. The brain is the physical nature and the mind is the mental power. It is beyond creative, to understand, the power produced by mental transmitters containing over 100 billion neurons. That’s quite an impression on the mind. So to invision many transmitters that work together over a long life-span.. (team work of such beauty) That is a lovely remarkable example of patience. 😊 Beautiful credit that’s rewarded by the central nervous system.

The mental truth – invisible energy. As life events and situations pump out energy. Well that’s right, the body and mind filter the creation of energy. One’s body accepts or rejects the energy intake. How the nervous system responds is filtered by output. The response to action or behavior all by invisible energy. Impressive the work of mental truth. That energy is stored into the mind for future events. The response is either positive or negative behavior that produce the automatic response. Invisible energy that lingers from the road construction delay produce thecresonse to the broken window experience. That action or behavior inforced stored that enable the nervous system. The act by action or behavior. Quite a beautiful process that invisible energy – mental truth.

Something to think about: the next experience encountered by an unexpected situation. How does your automatic response system filter the energy? Is the action or behavior positive or negative energy? The response is triggered by previous stored events.. How much energy is due to this current experience? Or does the trigger respond to the stressors added up of a period of time? Or when another persons energy the action or behavior to negative energy response. Is that negative your fault? A slight trigger to the stored mental truth of invisible energy of stressors. Understand how to filter the response system to produce more positive energy results. After all, the invisible energy impacts both physical and mental health.

Mental truth an action or behavior can be influenced by positive energy. That influence of how the energy is filter depends on daily routine habits. The minds power to alter or change the energy received or sent. Think about the input; positive energy, it can filter/ over power, a negative energy produced. Producing more positive reproduction reducing the stress of negative energy. The physical and mental health team transmit energy at mass production, beautiful teamwork. 😊 Mental Truth – Invisible Energy – a powerful production process of the Mind. 😊

Until our beautiful minds meet again. Be safe out there, many blessings and much love. Remember, Everyday Minds Matter – Della 🦋

🚝 Engine #1933 – Stationed

Photo by Pixabay on

The sound of locomotives rang through the ears of Ted; continously. Excitement, that created a life career. The engines roar, vibration beneath the feet, crowded ticket booths, and  airflow that cycled through the train station.

 Ted, 30 year journeyman / tradesman retired US Veteran Army. Ted worked repairing locomotives certified and skilled in many trades.. Dedicated to his career, Ted spent more hours making money than truly living life.  His lifestyle was boring and simple.  Without question, the muscular man, had intelligence that scared many co-workers.  A mindset beyond brave, strong and precise. A rugged man with busted knuckles and boots that begged for new soles. Clothing aged with that described his lifesyle, as slight wrinkles were visible only on occasion.  Wrinkles that appeared when the economy shifted and shortages circulated..  Ted saved every penny earned to build life for retirement, if that ever had purpose.

Never married or having children, Ted had no excuse to dating or companionship.  Or that’s what those individuals who thought they knew Ted, would argue. Word around the station was a hidden project Ted had been newly involved with.

It was the year of 1960, a slowing production of goods due to transportation.  Many years of experience, Ted secretly docked a old train Engine to repair in spare his time.  After planning the project – something he discovered a bunker.  Bunker in-which could possibly be a living space. Every tool or component needed Ted either handmade or designed himself.  Once his idea began to come together.  The Engine began to be recognized.  Members at the station were amazed at the project Ted was creating. A steam Engine that would transport goods by land faster than shipping by water.  The creation was the first visioned by man.  By the time the project was midway complete guest would distract Ted from completing the Steam Locomotive.

Somewhere with all the attention drawn from the train. Well Ted became interested in people, something he never took part in throughout life. With such creation, Ted took the production to another level.  Allowing guest to aboard the train and utilize the space.  People would gather with friends or family. An old docked train began to shine in the town.  Once the bunker was presented by a young women. Well the bunker became a hidden desire or pleasure zone for married or unmarried men. 

Women took advantage of the opportunities, of escorting stable wealthy men..  The old train opened doors to welcome a new lifestyle. Many who felt the unfilling relations began to explore possibilities.   Secrets, lies, and pleasured alibis had stirred commotion in the town. Ted had slowed his role, while local tradesman worked to help complete the steam Locomotive.  Ted introduced himself to newcomers and the attention was appreciated, escorting was part of his lifestyle. Growing attention to the train, it had been nearly two years since the project began.  Ted didn’t feel an urgency to rush his retirement plan.  The spare time had opened a lifestyle Ted had longed for, and past due for years. 

Ted had escort affairs with multiple women. The women were bound by Ted’s arrangements or modified unless Ted specified new offerings.

The day was hectic and Ted’s tired face revealed  wrinkles, that captured sweat droplets. Thick brows caught those drops that rushed down his forehead. When a soft voice politely says, “would you like some fresh sweet tea”?  A stressed, rugged man ignored the voice. As a cold drink repeated in his thoughts, wipping drops of sweat on his dirty shirt.  Staring at the feet of a women standing above him. She watched Ted stop and take a deep breathe.  “Mister, you can’t ignore a cold drink of my sweet tea”. Hot and tired, Ted took a moment to acknowledge the women. “Miss, a cold drink is past due, I have work to do, I would rather not be bothered”.  A cool breeze of air filled the pores of Ted’s tiring face.. Looking up, for a response – a mid aged women in a fine casual dress, was smiling back. The lady kneeled down pulled a hand towel from her handbag, wipping sweat from his wrinkled face. Ted had lost words, conversation become a stare that was endless. A blushed face of a women who felt the need to tend to Ted’s overworked nature.  “ Mister, accept my apology for invading your space”, the lady expressed with friendly intentions. Ted  felt attracted to this women instantly. “Miss, you must move on, I’m not looking for trouble from your husband”. Laughing and giggle, I am Elaine – I am a single lady.  Ted was more than interested, he just didn’t quite understand her intentions.  Small talk was extended, then Ted asked Elaine, if she would be interested to meet tomorrow at noon.  Elaine was flattered she began to giggle in happiness.  Ted had thought of Elaine the whole evening.  He had not laid eyes on someone who took time to notice him.  Her need to tend to his needs caught his interest. The next morning Ted planned to mingle with guest aboard while waiting Elaine’s arrival. Greeting Elaine, the two was drawn by each others charisma. Laughter and conversation turned into continuous late nights of passion. 

Ted was captivated by Elaine, he had purchased new clothes to look current. The relationship gave pleasure and excitement to Ted and Elaine.

One day Elaine was to meet Ted for lunch. Mingling with guest, time passed and Elaine had not arrived.  While Ted wondered and thought touring the train- plans to build added extended bunkers. Once ready for transporting services, travelers would need sleeping quarters for long commutes.  Endless possibilities were crowding his plans, as Elaine was a thought that took over this focus.  Ted followed a few guest down the viewing area, when a giggle and laugh sounded formilar.  Turning to the sound Ted waited most the day to hear – Elaine stood before him. Blood filled her torn dress, her eyes were black and her arm bruised and cut. A happy Ted was broken, “Elaine, what happened”? You okay”?  Even words would not explain the pain that filled the wrinkles in Ted’s face. A man who was pleasant and kind.  Felt pain not ever experienced before. Elaine stood distant from Ted.  Her eyes told a story that Ted waited to hear.  Elaine began to shake “Mister, please help me”. As Ted approached her, open arms, why he asked? A moment that felt helpless and unsettling. Tears fell from Elaine’s face – enticed with happiness, so happy as she departed yesterday from Ted. A man of drunkenness from the Saloon, forced me at his will to escort.  Unknown of my time, a stranger to ashamed of loneliness. Forced to have sex, beaten and bruised. Elaine ashamed and raped at no fault of her own. Ted had felt guilt of opening the doors for guest in town. “Elaine did the man force you on the Engine”? “No, Ted I had walked into town”. I was curious to the bunker space, to gather creative ideas.  After the Country store closed yesterday, the man followed me into the bunker”. Embarrassed Elaine, says I must go”. Ted had not missed a days work at the station for 8 years since employed.

Elaine,  I will work the next two weeks, to complete the Steam Engine and keep you safe. That moment forward, Ted didn’t allow Elaine out of his sight. The two spent countless hours working on the once populated Train for guest..  That now was closed to public or anyone. The old bunker that suited 10 rooms. Became living quarters for Ted and Elaine as the converted space to their needs.  Ted renovated the space where Elaine  would not be harmed or seen by the man.   Ted opened the door of the train to gather stock items needed for the bunker – when he was struck behind his head with a board.  Elaine began to scream out for help but seemed no one came to their aide. The drunken man tied Ted up to a cargo box. Forcing Elaine to another bunker space. A raged man of drunken behavior, struck Elaine repeatedly across the face.  A lifeless Ted, unaware of the situation. Knocked out from the blows the drunken man took to the back of Ted’s head.

The people in town made no attempts to board the station since it was closed temporarily.  Elaine cried out, her screams unheard, her body forced upon by a drunken man. Tired and afraid, Elaine began to fight the drunken man. As she faught to her feet. She could see Ted in the distance. Her body exhausted she couldn’t even plan an escape. The drunken man grabbed Elaine by her breast, pushing her into the bunker. With little intention or thought, Elaine grabbed the drunken man by his balls. Twisting and squeezing with all her ability. Crippling the drunk to a painful state.  One more intention to stop him was to inflict more pain.  Her hands began to sweat, her heart began to pound. Elaine grab the board, jabbing the drunken man repeatedly in his balls.  A sick breathe taking mumble cried from the drunken man. The drunk grabbed Elaine’s arm to disable her swing. Ted grabbed the board quickly to finish Elaine’s intentions. Hitting the drunken man- to unconscious. Ted was able to free Elaine.  A voice shouted out boarding Engine #1933. The closed station empty and not a soul insight.. Elaine was aware, Engine #1933 was complete, just left station.  Elaine struggled to reach the front of the Steam Engine.  Closing the door behind her to safety. Ted and Elaine embraced as Engine #1933 departed the station.  A mighty Steam engine with no direction or plan. Set to tour the tracks, Elaine held close to Ted embracing the security.  The train went for hours and hours.. A loud blast against the caged door, to operation of the Engine. The drunken man now conscious in rage, began to shout and holler. “Get me out of here”. “ please, I have lost my ticket and I don’t know where I am going”..

“STOP THIS TRAIN, STOP THIS TRAIN”. The drunken man began to bang repeatedly trying to get the attention of anyone”. The rage became outrage, “ I lost my ticket, and on the wrong damn train. “Does anyone hear me”? “My wife is beaten and bruised, stop this train, please”.  

Train station
Engine #1933
Photo by David Bartus on

Elaine and Ted planned to jump from the moving train- leaving the drunken man behind.

A drunken and fragile man repeatedly exhausted himself once again.  Desperately begged to stop the train. He was left alone, to his own will.   The behavior of excellerating to higher speed, the impulse of the old man fearfully running back and forth pleading for help.

Ted had placed a rod connecting to the door. Once closed after their escape the rod would force pressure on the excellerated throttle.  Slowing the train to escape, Ted and Elaine jumped from the train. Watching as the train began to gain speed rapidly. Leaving the drunken man solo on a train racing at high speed.

The train later derailed, only one single passenger was discovered tied to a enclosed space. A rod seated in place to lock pressure on the throttle. After non-stop accelerated speed.  Several box cars detached from the engine. Damaged components required for stability were failing by the minute.  Engine #1933 had two box cars disabled – wheel conditions caused sparks to fly. Continued – the drunken man was disoriented and confused. Trying to move in position to have Elaine trapped. Using her as leverage, with all his might he stood holding the rails of the box car. Trying to transition to the engine operations to get Ted. Drunken man was unstable mentally and physically.

Nine hours in, the medical team tackled the drunken old man.  “Mr. Henderson,? “It’s okay Mr. Henderson, we are here to help you.  Fighting every staff member, the drunken man stood on the bed, yelling he was going to jump from the train.  Convinced when he took a motor cart wrecklessly crashing into desk and anything in his path.

“Harry, its Dr. Allen, your very exhausted. Another bad day of manic rage. About nine hours of rage injurying 3 staff members and wrecking the facility. “Harry, I have restricted your activity time for 3 weeks no media or visitors.  Your PTSD was triggered by sounds of locomotives or trains in the movie  “Unstoppable”. In order to reduce the rage “Harry you have to avoid triggers”. Do you understand?

Dr. Allen gathered his papers,  finalizing orders for Harry. Lets try to avoid those manic rages. Harry needed to rest after his injection of lithium which takes full effect in 36 – 48 hours. Reducing the severity of manic and calming effects of depression. Those reminders of being left on a high speed train – left Harry with manic PTSD. Even the sound of a door slamming can trigger Harry’s manic episode’s.  

After no visitors or media, Harry was lonely. His level of behavior had highs and lows of depression. The ability to stabilize the mania levels in Harry was unpredicatable. Predictable behavior had challenges. Dr. Allen walking to the door to exit, dropped 2 small pieced of paper. Harry getting up from his bed, watching the paper blow across the floor.  A women had passed the door, Harry eyed the paper Dr. Allen had dropped. In all consideration, the paper blew across the floor. Harry could invison someone like himself dropping something, even not having a train ticket. Harry began to shake as the door slammed behind Dr. Allen. Bed alarms began to go off. Harry stood on the bed and another wreckless manic episode unfolds. The conditions traumatized Harry. Simply a piece of paper, sound of a train, and a wild ride on a run away train.

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👣 My Story My Version – *Growth & Development for Caregiver*

Growth & Development – Insight to Purpose – Finding My Way – Caregiver

Oh! What a beautiful world we live in. The creation of humans, an honest act of intimate sexual behavior. The need to look around, isn’t necessary. The sexual act to reproduce is going strong. 😋 Though have you ever just got stumped and wondered- what if lives came with instructions, a blue print to our lives? The mystery to living would be pretty simple, boring, and overall faulty. Yes, I said faulty.😊 Nothing would be realistic to operate and function. Guidelines responsible for behavior, intelligence, growth, appearance would be the same. An most importantly, different is what makes the beautiful characters we have designed ourselves. The moment one takes that first breathe of life, everyday moment matters. By experience, environment, and one’s developmental growth, character begins to form one’s inner core – the foundation. Mental and physical health are priority to ones foundation that give us insight into adulthood.

How we view others and our surroundings; teach us valuable life lessons. We can take the good and bad xperiences with dignity to learn valuable life skills. Those choices to develop and grow are important. Choices can influence one to fall into the wrong environment. Either way our core character is reflected out to the world (potential customers). Potential customers are those influenced friends, family, or encounters throughout one’s lifetime.

Once the core foundation is rooted by developmental influences; it can be difficult to change or be altered. When our mind and behavior are aligned those concepts become reality. Our thinking, beliefs, and comphrehension form in finding the way. Finding your way defines character from developmental growth. Everyday forward influences fundamental tools, solutions and offer resolution to challenges from life events.

Finding my way influenced my choices and decisions that offered – natural caregiving skills. To read the in-depth story – My Story My Version – Finding my way – Caregiver

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🗝 Key to Understanding Anxiety: How to Identify Your Triggers

Hiding from Anxiety
Photo by Ryanniel Masucol on

Sometimes life just makes one feel sheltered or hidden from the world. Ever feel like hiding under a box? Or to overwhelmed to deal with situations or daily routine? You may experience anxiety. This post will be in-depth on anxiety and triggers. Read more…

When you have anxiety, it’s as if your brain is constantly on high alert. Your mind might be filled with images of the worst case scenario, and those thoughts can quickly lead to an increase in stress, tension, and fear. These responses are all part of the fight-or-flight response that our bodies are designed with in order to protect us from danger. Fortunately, there are various techniques that you can use to help manage your anxiety when it begins to creep up on you unexpectedly. The more that you understand about anxiety, the easier it will be to recognize the triggers and control them before they spiral out of control. Here are some strategies for managing your anxiety and reducing its negative effects:

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of worry and nervousness that many people experience when they are in a situation that is new or challenging. Anxiety can be an occasional and normal reaction to stress. But a certain amount of anxiety can become a problem when it interferes with your daily life and lasts longer than four weeks. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the US. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) estimates that the cost of anxiety disorders in the U.S. is $42 billion, which includes the cost of health care, medications, and lost productivity at work. People with anxiety disorders may experience a range of symptoms, including restlessness, trouble sleeping, irritability, muscle tension, sweating, difficulty concentrating, and frequent urination. These symptom can cause one to feel more irritated and uncomfortable at times.

Types of Anxiety

– General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health conditions. People with this disorder experience excessive worry and anxiety about daily events and activities. The worry is disproportionate to the situation and interferes with daily functioning. – Panic Disorder – Panic disorder is characterized by recurrent panic attacks, which are sudden feelings of terror frequently accompanied by physical symptoms like shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, and numbness or tingling in the limbs. Some people with panic disorder have a fear of future panic attacks.

– Social Anxiety Disorder – Those with social anxiety disorder experience intense fear and nervousness in social or performance situations, such as public speaking, joining a group, or meeting new people.

– Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common types of anxiety disorders. People with PTSD experience severe anxiety in response to triggers that remind them of a past trauma.

– Specific Phobias – Specific phobias are irrational fears of specific places, people, or situations that pose little or no real danger. Common phobias include a fear of spiders, snakes, mice, or public speaking. – Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health conditions. People with this disorder experience excessive worry and anxiety about daily events and activities. The worry is disproportionate to the situation and interferes with daily functioning.

Anxiety is a natural feeling that everyone experiences from time to time. It becomes a disorder when it is prolonged and interferes with your daily life. Anxiety disorders can range from mild to severe and are treated with a combination of medication and therapy. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Managing your anxiety starts with identifying your triggers and finding the best methods for reducing your anxiety levels when they get too high.

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Blessing and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter – Della🦋

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👀 Modern Living 2022

Modern Living

Ever wake up and just look out into the world? A world that is so beautiful in many ways. Yet unpredictable in the most common ways. As I try to maneuver through the daily routine, somethings I often question. To see people prosper, build the dream home and create a family is great. The purpose to why we are here to live. Live the American dream, right? That American dream is to be financially stable to buy the essentials to survive. However the essentials have become luxary, purchases that are beyond budgets. Budgets that one doesn’t see the long-term reality. Buy now, pay later sense to the psychological not in hand effect. Transactions aren’t cash visuals, that value out of pocket expense. Credit is an evil tactic – credit that is unlimited- creating – Debit. A vision that is just sign here – here’s keys to your home or new car.

At one time in history – Money had a visual, physical in hand and appreciation value. The employment wages or income a written paper check stub -presented. Technology – electronic deposits and transaction devalued the US dollar. That value become psychological to the real value of money. A blind pleasure to dophine pleasure zone responsible for creating feelings of pleasure. The pleasure of feeling good to have a new car, dopamine pleasures block the reality of debit. A motive to provide a selflish action to behavior – short lived for the moment. All pleasure is temporary, dopamine released then returns to pre-stabalized level. Rewarding nature where feel good – wanting more and more. High levels cravings to pleasure experiences that trigger addiction to pleasure – high dopamine experience unconsciously felt.

Is dopamine responsible to the modern day dream?

The modern houses built are not the average houses in a financial view. These are much more elegant, new style that is incredibly marvelous. As inflation has soared the nation economically the supplies aren’t cheap. The housing market is booming- clearly thats understandable. Humans are reproducing rapidly – clearly understand that. Population has run out farmers – every space of land is being purchased. Subdivisions are the new extension to its own small community. Subdivisions of miles of streets that are hidden to a new world. These houses aren’t cheap in any possible way. The new styles are designed with class of country and modern relaxed comfort. With all this comfort comes a mortgage payment. That leaves the one question: How do people afford these homes?

Did I miss the memo of the best paying jobs? Or did someone hit the lottery and share with a large portion of individuals ready to built a new home? I know theres doctors, lawyers, engineers, great paying careers in the world. But theres not that many for the population of homes being built. Leaving the wonder to, is the world in debt? Has credit created a in debt population, that struggles financially more than realized? Has the world been built on a financial crisis of credit card debit and loans? A financial crisis – known as debt?

A prime stigma of “keeping up with the Jones”. Building beyond financial means and be sorry later? I am not judging the lifestyle this is opinion by observation. Its common to fall into debt, as the economy struggles. But what will happen in the future? If another shutdown took place, would the banks then default payments? Or am I just over looking the inflation of the world and missing something simple?

One more curiousity hard to understand the wages paid. The perfect example: rich get richer, the poor get poorer. So that myth, estimate to show reality to the financial observation. If the average wage persay $20 hourly. A 40 hour week that’s a $800 gross before deductions with a low figure of taxes $200. Net pay would be $600.

Now with 4 weeks in a month $2400 a month income. This is one income in the household, and most couples both are employed. So with a good thought that both members of the household make the same amount hourly. To double that $2400 would be $4800 monthly. This is for average educated or skilled household. Now think about this $4800 may sound like alot of money. But you figure the living expenses. Car payment, mortgage, insurance, children, food, gas, all the expenses- reality- is $4800 really explaining Housing market? Does that makes sense to the financial aspect taking place? Or does a sense of reality to the observation – a world of financial debt lack long term unpredictions? Is debt established and maxed to the limits for modern living? Has the US dollar been effected by psychological behavior due to technology?

The psychological effect is the no money in hand.. No vision of the money value or sense of actual dollar amount. The intention of technology is paper, written or electronic signature that out lives the contract itself. At one point the signature is transfered to an electronic data storage device. Which added to a credit file. The idea pretty impressive to payment history, that’s an invisible assest to ones finances. Years to build good credit that can be challenged at times.

In the days ahead, a good look around👀. Just coming out of a long world changing pandemic. Maybe we have realized how to prepare for the future. Have we been challenged over the past couple years, that has taught us to plan ahead? In all my research and attempts to view the world “As Modern Living”. I can only see that people are building a stable home. A stability that offers flexible options. Options through ups and downs to ride during the inflation days. However, with larger families, having a large home can be ideal. Thinking ahead if times got tough, living with family or friends could be an option. One thing for sure, as we populate rapidly. At some piont land will be extinct. In all creation, dirt can be moved but it can not be created. When land is no longer available, well it becomes discontinued for good. No longer available or restockable. Think about that last sentence. Next time your out taking a good look around. A Modern Living 2022

Until our beautiful minds meet again, Be safe out there. Much love and blessings. Remember Everyday Minds Matter – Della 🦋

😍 Amazing People

Indiana Janitor “Don’t Stop Believing”

Richard Goodall -By FoxNation

Just when you think anything is impossible or just stressed out. Heres something to up skill your thinking. This morning I heard this story on the local radio station. I truely was drawn to the story for a lot of reasons. A man who loves his job and community. A love of just singing is a gift. But to have such phenomenal power in one voice that touches your soul is a true blessing. This story has went viral.

Im just sharing such uplifting story for others to enjoy the blessing as well. Maybe to motivate other’s to be this guy. Show the world what you got..

Indiana – Richard Goodall

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Much love and many blessing. Remember Everyday Minds Matter – – Della🦋

🍎Connecting to Delivery

Good Food

The world might be a little unpredictable. Okay, it is very unpredictable in all aspects of employment, finances, stocks, automobile, housing, etc,. One thing as humans to survive we need food. It may not be available at times due to situations or hardship. Survival depends on some sort of food source. We must eat. In this lifetime, its truly amazing that eating can become habit forming. And when I say habit forming, good food can change our outlook towards eating. Addictive and craved are indication of an addiction to food.

Eating is just part of being human. Some may over eat out of bordem or stress. A disorder or life changing events can alter our relationship with food. In some cases, people may not enjoy the comfort of food. While others may use food as a comfort mechanism. Either way food addiction can cause mental anguish. Mental stress and eating disorders are quilt triggered addictions. Feeling pleasure while eating yet quilt struck after endulging.

Regardless of one’s situation food is a must. At this time in our new world after covid, social distancing has become a new normal. Food delivery either groceries or from restaurants is a big deal. I personally work for both Uber Eats and Instacart loving the opportunity. The rewards of happy people can’t explain the advantages of delivery. People are very grateful as it saves them time and money. Many shirt conversations people are happy to give a nice tip any day. Verses the time spent in a struggle grocery store. As for my experience, I am a communicator while shopping or picking up at a restuarant.

When an item is not available, I take time to make the next available item known for replacement. Or whatever needed to help the customer get close to substitute if all possible. Personally having a time frame for Instacart does ruffle my feathers at times. But I just learned to ignore the time frame. It really blows my mind that a company will out a time limit in an order or batch that has 2 orders or more. Why? Stores are at a high of shortages, improvements and high demand of items. Its not easy as it may sound to shop for 50 items in less than 30 minutes. Finding product for a vegan or specialty items within diet can be confusing and complicated..

Recently I had the experience of finding vegan items. Honestly I was lost, no clue. Without the experience I would not have the opportunity to encourage understanding and knowledge for the next experience. You might be thinking time management is the answer. Well I believe my excellent ratings and high quality abilities are reason that numbers are just numbers. With a positive stance, that numbers are just numbers are truth that equals success.


Customer orders 40 items. Batch pay plus tip est. $15.00 Includes an estimated $7.50 tip. **Please note* If you don’t communicate with the customer, not even send a greeting that you are the shopper. Show up with 23 items. Believe me your tip will decrease quickly before you put the car in reverse.

I personally go above matters for customers. You might be your own boss in ways. Customers are your paycheck. Simple as that. From the acceptance of the order and 24 hours after delivery. You the shopper will cross the mind of the customer more than once in that time frame. Customers are wonderful individuals who trust you to go above and beyond to deliver the eggs unbroken, bread in tact, and groceries as precise as your ability. If one of those options are altered, that experience will reflect on the you as the shopper.

With this being said I take the extra 15 mins past my shopping goal time. A late delivery will make a customer happy if you are searching for an item needed. With GPS customers know where you are til the order is delivered. Communication is simple and easy.

Back to the example that $15 batch pay will and can increase with your efforts. I have had customers thank me fir adding items or finding a good substitute with an in application tip. Then handing me $10 in cash. Thank you and your welcome are tip friendly gestures. ** Please be mindful that money is tight, people are struggling. Be appreciative of the smile you gave by delivering. I had customers repeat many times that was heart wrenching to apologize for not having extra money for a tip. * ** if you get butt hurt over no tip. This job is not for you. Be blessed for the $20 tip for delivery 4 item much needed by a customer who was rushed for time and you showed up yesterday. If you take the reflection of putting a smile on someone face, the blessing will always be there.

Have the mentality of giving is receiving. Be a giver with a good heart. And the rewards are a surprise.

After all the blessings of delivery is awesome. The new faces and friendly appreciation are positive every delivery. If you want positive feedback. If you choose otherwise, well you will get feedback very quickly in negative results.

After all people want what you want. To save time and money. The work will always be available. We are human we love to eat.

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter 💖 -Della🦋

🤕Addiction 1.0

Why We Become Addicted: Understanding The Root Causes of Addiction

Drink to Depression = Addiction
Drink to Depression = Addiction

When we hear the word “addiction”, what comes to mind? Some might think about substance abuse, alcoholism, meth or crack addiction. These are all common examples of addiction which has been covered often in the media. In fact, there are more than 900 known addictive substances out there that humans can become dependent on. There has been a rise in the number of people suffering from any kind of addiction in recent years. We know that addiction is a serious problem and it needs to be treated as such. But what exactly is it? Why do some people get hooked on certain things while others don’t? Why do so many people struggle with different kinds of addictions? Seemingly unfair at times. The struggle of addiction we can only learn how and why- finding the root cause. If you’re asking these questions, then this article is for you.

What Is Addiction?

Simply put, addiction is a compulsive dependence on a particular substance or behaviour. It’s a chronic disease that can take over your life and cause negative consequences in every aspect of your life. Those consequences can vary from small minor events to criminal charges, or life-threatening situations that even cause death. Some addictions are habitual, meaning it’s a behaviour that you do that becomes a part of your daily routine. Some other addictions are impulsive, meaning it’s a sudden urge or impulse that comes and goes, but it’s a compulsion that is difficult to control. When you’re addicted to something, it has a strong hold on your life. It’s almost like you’re in a constant battle that you can’t win unless you seek help. The battle to get through the day, weeks, months, and even years to come; can be challenging. Addiction is often accompanied by withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, similar to other diseases like diabetes or hypertension. Cravings that are intensified due to lack of and resistence to the addiction.

Why Do People Become Addicted?

As mentioned above, humans have a variety of addictions. This raises the question: why do we become addicted to certain things? Different addictions stem from different root causes. Addiction is a response to a problem in your life, but it doesn’t solve anything. Instead, it makes matters worse. It’s a way to escape your issues and avoid dealing with them. When you’re addicted to something, you become dependent on it to make yourself feel better. There are certain chemicals in the things you’re addicted to that trigger a dopamine response in the brain. That warm, happy feeling is what commonly keeps people hooked. It’s almost like a mind trick that convinces you that you need that substance or behaviour in order to feel good. Resulting in either habitual or impulsive addiction by response or behaviour.

The Root Cause of Addiction

As mentioned above, different addictions have different root causes. However, there is one thing that all addictions have in common: they are a result of an unmet need. As humans, we all need certain things in order to survive and thrive. Some needs are physiological, meaning they relate to our health and well-being, while others are psychological, meaning they are related to our mental health and well-being. Some people are able to meet these needs on their own, while others struggle to do so. To put it simply, people become addicted to certain things because they don’t have other healthy coping mechanisms available to them. Or in many situations people are unsure how to deal with struggles that occurred. When a person’s unmet needs are not properly addressed, they are more likely to become addicted. This is because they will have to rely on addictive substances or behaviours to satisfy them instead.

How Genetics Plays A Role In Addiction

We are all unique individuals, shaped by both our environment and our genetics. This means that the way you react and respond to certain things is different from the way another person would. When it comes to addiction, genetics plays a major role. Some people are genetically predisposed to addiction, meaning, they are more likely to become addicted than others. That doesn’t mean that anyone who is genetically at-risk will necessarily become an addict. The best way to prevent yourself from developing an addiction is by using healthy coping mechanisms and addressing your unmet needs. Coping mechanisms are solutions to fixing the root cause. Dealing with the problem by understanding the environment and genetics combined can eliminate unmet needs of addiction.

Environment and Culture As Root Cause Of Addiction

As mentioned above, genetics play a role in addiction, but so does the environment we grow up and live in. The environment we are raised in, as well as the culture we are surrounded by, all have an impact on our mental health, including whether or not we develop an addiction. Parents and other caregivers have a large role to play in this. They can do their best to learn how to identify addiction in children and take steps to help them avoid it. When children are exposed to certain things, such as drugs or alcohol, they are more likely to develop an addiction when they grow into adults.

This article was written to help you understand the root causes of addiction. While the details of why some people become addicted to certain things may differ, there are a few consistent themes. When people don’t meet their needs and are unable to properly address their issues, they are more likely to become addicted. That’s why it’s so important to address your needs and find healthy ways to cope with life. It’s also vital that you avoid the temptation of becoming addicted to anything.

In closing, articles to come, I share my addiction. With life changing events and how the challenges of addiction took control over my life. My experience with addiction and more about addiction in future post. As with and mental challenge its so easy to form bad habits. And so hard to face the challenges of reality to recovery. Many prayers to one day at a time, if you relaspe, dont beat yourself up. It happens to us all, just take a deep breathe and stand up admit you relapsed. Today is a new day. Don’t give up, replace that habit with a healthy habit.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter 🦋

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