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Hello World! 🦋 As a resourceful creative writer, life and mental health are priority. This blog is designed to support positive thinking, wellness and well-being. Offer insight on variety of topics relating to our minds and life challenges. To be focused and sharp minded is critical determination for one's well-being and existance. Being mindful provides opportunity for self awareness, be responsible for our actions and behavior. This blog is part of my own mental health awareness and life challenges, how I overcome my personal obstacles. As we age, our healthy habits change throughout life. Shared experience, tips, and ideas to help focus on the importance of maintaining healthy mental habits. In my experience elders have such great impact on our lives. Take time out to experience the wisdom of an elder friend or family member. The wisdom offered can shed light on - how to create your own productive life.. Be mindful to opportunities for improvement. Physical and mental health are the foundation to happiness. Join in our discussions, share your thoughts and comment on post that could offer advice or help, to someone needing guidence. Until our Mind's meet again. Be safe out there, much love & blessings.. And Remember Everyday Mind's Matter! 🦋

Navigating the Reality of Relationships When Everything Seems Wrong

Relationship & Stress
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We all know that relationships can be hard. But when everything around us seems to be going wrong – a pandemic, economic instability, political unrest – those struggles can be magnified in our romantic partnerships. It’s easy to feel like our significant others are the only ones causing stress and strife in our lives, when in reality, they may be a source of support and stability. It’s important to recognize that when we’re feeling overwhelmed, we often take our emotions out on those closest to us. The temper of changed moods, stress levels, anger, and resentment can all bubble to the surface in relationships. And in a time when it feels like we should be connecting more than ever to overcome the challenges, it’s disheartening to see how quickly arguments and disagreements can turn into bigger issues. So what can we do to navigate the realities of relationships in struggling times?

Here are a few tips:

1. Practice Empathy: One of the most important things we can do for our relationships is to try to see things from our partner’s perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in our own struggles and frustrations, but taking a moment to empathize with our loved ones can go a long way in defusing tense situations.

2. Communicate Clearly: Communication is key in any relationship, but it becomes especially important during times of stress. Make an effort to clearly articulate your needs and boundaries, while also actively listening to your partner’s concerns.

3. Practice Self-Care: When we’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, it’s easy to take our stress out on those around us. But by taking care of ourselves – whether that means getting enough sleep, carving out time for exercise, or seeking professional help if needed – we can avoid exacerbating issues in our relationships.

4. Prioritize Connection: It’s important to actively work to connect with our partners, even when everything else in our lives feels like it’s falling apart. Make time for quality time together – whether that means scheduling a regular date night, or simply setting aside an hour to talk without any distractions.

As a result, navigating the realities of relationships during difficult times comes down to a commitment to each other, and a willingness to work together to overcome challenges. By prioritizing empathy, clear communication, self-care, and connection, we can build stronger, more resilient partnerships – even when the world around us feels like it’s falling apart.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

Introducing the New Age of Mental Health: The Impact of Financial Struggles

Financial Struggles
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The world today is full of new challenges that are taking a toll on people’s mental health. The burden of financial struggles is one of the most significant challenges that people face today. With banks no longer giving out credit as they once did, the value of money and credit has decreased in the minds of the public. This has left people struggling to make purchases they need to survive. In the past, credit was a tool that many used to help finance their way through life. From homes to cars to simple purchases, credit made it easier to afford things we needed.

Today, however, things have changed. Banks are no longer so readily handing out money and, without it, people are facing more and more financial struggles. Our survival challenges are now real.

*Personally, I am faced with this reality that I can not seem to overcome. My credit isn’t bad, work history is stable, but I am at a stand still. Why? I am a ‘gig worker” self-employed. Nothing wrong with that, right? It’s a big obstacle when it comes to financial credit. Trying to purchase a car has been over-bearing in stress. In the “past” my signature was the ticket and a credit score.

Not in 2023, a credit score and work history isn’t a conversation for an auto loan. Now it’s, a big toe, an eyebrow, two co-signers, and lots and lots of money down. Yes, I had to add that added humor. Loans are no joke, and being a consistent gig worker with all financial documents, that’s not a stable income. Banks won’t even attempt the loan. That’s with a co-signer of decent credit. A co-signer would have to be a score of 720 or higher. Maybe this is a test of our connection in relationships after a period of social distancing.😷

However, they see the loan as to fragile to secure. Needless to say, even with the stipulations to banks terms of: The vehicle must be a 2014 model and less than 100,000 miles for terms of bank approval. A mental madness, if banks terms have this criteria; Why wouldn’t banks secure a loan that is $10,000? But lenders want $2500 or more down and the vehicle is generally $15,000 – $18,000. This is hard to grasp when a bank has ideal options of vehicles that fit their criteria. Oh and the blessing to say, your payment is $500 a month. No, thank you! I have never had problems purchasing new cars in the past.

My friends, this new age of mental health is financially uncertain. As buyers we once had the ticket with a signature and a hand shake. Those gestures are now social distant as banks have the upper hand. Money is power. Money is mentally our survival stability. *

Automobile loans, for instance, are much more complicated, requiring large down payments that many cannot afford. These changes are having a major impact on our mental health. The new age of digital exchange has further intensified this impact, showing us that the old paper money no longer holds as much value. Instead, it has given us a whole new set of challenges, teaching us to be more aware of our finances and forcing us to make difficult decisions on what we can and cannot afford.

This has had an unexpected psychological impact, making people feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed. The pressure of financial difficulties can be daunting. Many feel like they are stuck in a hopeless situation and can’t escape. These mental health challenges are real, and we need to address them. To improve our mental well-being, we need to focus on learning to adapt to the new financial reality and developing better financial management skills. We must take a step back and reevaluate our finances to see what we can do to get out of this struggle.

Reality is, the new age of mental health is not only caused by personal factors but also the economic landscape. Our relationship with finances has a profound impact on our mental health, and we must acknowledge and address it. To build resilience in the face of financial struggles, we must stay educated, learn to adapt, and seek professional help when necessary. Let us all make a conscious effort to improve our mental health and overall well-being in these challenging times.

*Once this challenge is faced, I will update how I managed to get a car. If I am able to jump the hoops.. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Mentally I will find the strength and knowledge to get through this. One day at a time, one step in front of the other.🍀

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love.. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

The Rise of New Age Mental Health: Understanding Why Mental Health Issues are on the Rise

Clear vision of New Age Mental Health
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The human experience is a complex and intricate journey that encompasses a range of feelings and emotions. These feelings are essential components of the human psyche, enabling us to navigate the world around us, establish meaningful connections, and maintain healthy relationships. However, in recent times, the subject of mental health has taken center stage as more people become affected by mental health issues. It has become an ever-increasing issue that has plagued millions across the globe. But why has this become so prominent, and why are people now faced with mental health issues more than ever?

One of the significant contributing factors is the ever-changing dynamics of our society. Modern life has come with an array of stresses that put pressure on our mental and emotional health. From the pressure to perform and excel in our work or personal lives, social media pressures, peer pressure, to the overwhelming need for constant validation, our minds are working overtime. In the past, mental health issues were not discussed as freely and openly as they are now, leading many to believe they were uncommon or even non-existent. This stigma associated with mental health had kept people from speaking out and getting the help they needed, further aggravating the issue. But as society evolves, we’re seeing a more receptive and empathetic attitude towards mental health issues, resulting in more people speaking up and seeking the help they need. This approach has paved the way for new age mental health, providing innovative and modern methods for dealing with mental health issues. With this change, individuals are learning new coping mechanisms and how to navigate the complex web of emotions and feelings that can come with mental health issues. New techniques like mindfulness, meditation, therapy, and wellness retreats have emerged, offering people safe spaces to get the help they need and providing coping mechanisms that are easily accessible.

In reality, as the world continues to change, so does the nature of our mental health. However, the key takeaway from this is that new age mental health is all about acceptance and openness, empowering people to take control of their mental health journey and improve their overall well-being. It is time for society to adopt a holistic approach towards mental health and promote empathy, kindness, and a willingness to address mental health issues. Together, we can break the stigma, promote open conversation and support people in getting the help they need.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

New Age Mental Health: “Understanding the Changes in Our Emotional Landscape”

New Age Mental Health
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We are all familiar with feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress, but the recent rise of mental health challenges has caught the world’s attention. In the past few years, it seems like more and more people are being diagnosed with various forms of mental illnesses. Why is this happening? Why are people today faced with these issues that were once rarely talked about?

One of the primary reasons for this increase in mental health challenges is our modern lifestyle. Today’s world is more fast-paced, competitive, and complex than ever before. We are expected to work harder, be more productive, and balance multiple responsibilities at the same time. We have less time to unwind and relax, and our stress levels are constantly on the rise.

Another factor is the rise of technology. While we now have the power to connect with people from all over the world and access unlimited information at our fingertips, the digital world can also be overwhelming and distracting. We spend more time online and less time interacting with real people face-to-face, which can affect our mental wellbeing. The way we process mental health challenges has also changed. In the past, mental illness was often seen as a sign of weakness, and people were discouraged from seeking help. Today, we are much more aware of the importance of mental health, and there is less stigma attached to it. This has resulted in more people seeking therapy, counseling, and medication when needed.

As we enter the new age of technology and global connectivity, it’s no surprise that we’re faced with new challenges in mental health. From increased anxiety and depression to social isolation and burnout, we’re all feeling the pressure to keep up and stay connected. But why are we struggling so much, and how can we better process the mental health challenges of today’s world?

Let’s start by talking about feelings and emotions. In the past, we may have suppressed or ignored these internal experiences, often viewing them as weaknesses or flaws in character. However, today we’re recognizing the value and importance of acknowledging and accepting our feelings. We understand that emotions are a normal part of the human experience, and that denying them only leads to further distress.

So why are we struggling now more than ever? In short, it’s the combination of rapid societal change and increased expectations. Our fast-paced, digitally-connected world is overwhelming and constantly demanding our attention. We’re expected to be productive, successful, and socially active, all while managing our mental health and wellbeing. But here’s the good news: mental health awareness and resources have also grown and expanded alongside these changes. We now have more options and strategies to cope with mental health challenges, such as therapy, medication, and self-care practices like mindfulness and meditation. Additionally, the stigma around mental health is slowly but surely dissipating, as more and more individuals and communities share their stories and advocate for their mental health needs.

So what can we do to better process the mental health challenges of today’s world? First, we can prioritize our self-care and mental wellbeing. This means setting boundaries with technology and social media, making time for rest and relaxation, and seeking professional help when necessary. We can also work on cultivating strong social connections and finding supportive communities.

The bottom line is that mental health is a vital part of our overall wellbeing, and it’s time to pay attention to it. We need to start prioritizing our mental health by practicing self-care, reaching out for help when we need it, and taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety. If we want to live healthy, happy lives, we need to take care of our minds just as much as we take care of our bodies.

We are living in a time when mental health challenges are more prevalent than ever before. The changes in our modern lifestyle and the way we process mental health issues have resulted in this rise. However, by understanding these changes and taking steps to prioritize our mental health, we can move forward with a renewed sense of awareness and well-being. It’s time to embrace the new age of mental health and start living our lives to the fullest. Ultimately, the new age of mental health is both challenging and exciting. We have the opportunity to better understand ourselves and our emotions, and to seek out the resources and support we need to thrive. Let’s embrace this journey together, with compassion, self-care, and openness to growth and healing.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

A Shaky World

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Daily writing prompt
What makes you nervous?

The world makes me nervous. More so than ever, after COVID-19 seems like the money value has lots it’s way. There is no protection to financial security, companies are still going out of business, food shortage and cost of groceries are on the rise. Everyday we wake up to something unpredictable than the day before.

Mental health is on the rise which makes me nervous for those in this struggling world. When mental health is on the rise, it is nerve racking. The struggles will create violence, and more crime in the future. As mental health fails the surroundings of the struggling world makes me nervous.

Only to question what’s next? What will this world be like a month, a year, or will the world survive much longer? Can anything be done to help the struggling world or are we in a turmoil that’s only more destructive than yesterday? I don’t know about you, but this world makes me very nervous.

May the blessings of the positive impact your days and the struggles be lightly of tomorrow.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋🍀

Great source of Income

Do your own thing with Doordash or Uber Eats.

Food Delivery Doordash or Uber Eats
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Do you love being out in the community? Are you a people person who has dreamed of being your own boss? Well I am here to give you some insight about being a “gig worker”.

For myself, working long hours in a factory, warehouse, or job leaving after a shift- just feeling tired, exhausted, and wanting something more. Something inside just feels incomplete. Let me say this, I found Doordash, Uber Eats, Instacart, Shipt, and Spark by researching wanting something different. I realized that this has been more than a blessing. After trial and error, I finally figured it out. Of course no one wants to work endless hours at a job that you leave in the evening and start all over the next day. With no feeling of accomplishment, happiness other than it’s a paycheck. So here’s what I am introducing you too:

Do you want to make money and have the flexibility to work whenever you want? Doordash and Uber Eats can be great gigs for those looking for a side hustle or even a full-time job. But how can you maximize your profits and make the most out of this type of work? I have put together a few tips that should help you become a successful delivery driver. First and foremost, always strive to maintain excellent ratings and customer service. Having good reviews will open the doors to more lucrative delivery options such as premium and time-sensitive orders. The key here is to remain professional at all times. Always show up on time and make sure you have the correct order. If an order is wrong, do not argue and remain patient and friendly when working with customers. Another tip to remember is to be prepared and make sure you are familiar with the area you are delivering in. You don’t want to get lost or run into traffic or other obstacles that could make you late. Do some research before each order so that you know what route to take and have an idea of where you are going. Lastly, do your best to be efficient. You would really be surprised how much communication plays a key role in delivery success. Just a courtesy message that’s not a scripted message letting the customer know you have a couple orders with their order. Or that you are at the store waiting for the order to be ready. Just these small gestures are guaranteed to boost ratings, tips, and the best self service for the customer.

Most importantly, just because you are self-employed, doesn’t mean to dress for a night at the house. It’s very important to be presentable, car to be clean on the inside, and make a good impression. Which includes, no smoking during deliveries, no strange odors in the car, no garbage in the car, just be aware of the cleanliness while handling food. And be mindful, as how you wouldn’t want your food exposed to or handled carelessly. Take the job seriously and everything else will open doors for future prosperity.

There is money to be made, but you don’t want to spend hours on the road trying to deliver a few orders. It’s a good idea to find a few restaurants in your area and stay near them as much as possible so that you don’t waste time driving around town. This will also help you cut costs since you won’t have to use as much fuel or spend as much time on the road. These tips should help you become a successful DoorDash and Uber Eats driver. You may not get rich doing this work, but if you remain diligent and stay organized, you can definitely make a decent income. So don’t forget – be professional, stay organized, be prepared, and always be on time. With the right attitude and determination, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful delivery driver. Good luck!

I am inviting you to drive with Uber. Earn at least $1,190 for your first 100 passenger trips in 30 days.. See how:

You’ll get a $250 bonus if you do 260 deliveries by 06/19/23. Sign up soon – this offer is available for a limited time. Let me know if you have any questions.

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If you have any questions feel free to ask, I have been doing this type of work for a couple years now. And the secrets to success is learning from others. Best wish and good luck 🍀🦋

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

Paper vs. Plastic

Go paper!
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Technology is constantly evolving, and now that includes our financial lives. While we used to pay with physical money, the rise of digital wallets has changed the way we use money. So, what’s the difference between these two payment options, and how do they impact our senses? Physical money, as we all know, involves physical objects that you can touch, see, and hear. For instance, when we make a purchase, we hear the jingle of coins and the crisp sound of bills being shuffled and handed over.

The physicality of the money gives us a tangible feeling of it passing through our fingers. And, when it comes to counting the cash, our sense of sight plays an important role; we count the physical bills and coins to ensure that the correct amount is exchanged. On the other hand, digital wallets allow us to transfer money from our online accounts directly to the store or recipient. Since digital wallets don’t involve physical objects, there is no physical feel to it; all you do is log into your online account and transfer the funds. With this process, our other four senses — hearing, sight, smell, and taste — don’t play a role. However, we can still rely on our sense of security. Thanks to advancements in security measures, digital wallets offer a secure and seamless way to transact and manage our funds. In the end, while physical money allows us to utilize five senses in the exchange process, digital wallets give us a safe, convenient way to transact money. Whether you prefer one over the other is completely up to you, but both payment options maybe important in this new age of technology.

However, the physical sense of money allows us the ability to sense spending, saving, and handling money. The paper exchange is an all time trade that gives us a secure safety net- the cash in hand. One can have a safety net that’s a jar hidden in the closet. That jar is within hands reach if needed. Those times are nearing, and generations today have no reality to that feel or sense to physical money awareness.

The digital world of convenience has left a lot of individuals today, unaware of what physical money is. The value of digital wallets have gained favor by convenience. This wallet is clearly just that, seen invisible with a fake impression of money. In reality, the concept of money is debt. Seeing an exchange by digital technology is an approved or decline response -feeling. Only later to be uncertain of what you have spent, saved, or unsure of any money available. Budgeting has lost its place in the world. We can only use our five senses to welcome physical money and appreciate the value.

Needless to say, in the near future the digital world will be an evil lesson to many. To manage money will be foreign and to save money will not be possible. Digital wallets have increased debit by the blind transaction. Simply because paper has become to much of a hassle. Sadly, in the near future counting change and scrapping dollars will be a new era. Nothing new last forever, history will always have its roots. And as we all know, times have changed rapidly and struggles are real.

So before the digital wallet takes you in a darken debit, count those dollars with your right senses! Feel those crisp bills in your hands, count those coins to make correct change, and only reach for plastic in case of emergencies. Get a glass jar save those loose coins. They won’t expire in a glass jar and trust me it will come in handy one day.

Just something to think about: remember when you had the choice of paper or plastic bags? Now look around, plastic bags have ruled – pushing paper bags aside. It’s to much of a hassle to carry more bags and make more trips. So plastic is convenient and much faster to eliminate trips in bring groceries in the house. Right? Plastic has eliminated the paper bags. The reality is that’s what has happened to our paper money. It’s a treasure we must stock up on and resurface. If not the depression and covid-19 was just small events in history. The demand for paper money will be the end to the world. We all know printing money takes production time and no one trying to work those kind of hours. It’s 2023, it’s a whole new era of demand. Gathered that paper.. let go of the plastic. Plastic is bad for the earth.. paper is recyclable.. 😁🍀 Make the choice of switching digital to paper, it’s best for your financial well-being.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter-Della 💟🦋

Describe something learned in High School

Daily writing prompt
Describe something you learned in high school.

What I learned in High School was the nature of people. Drama, gossip, true character of people. How maturity and character are developing as well as being an Adult. High School is the reality of self awareness, friendships and true character.

As we develop into adulthood, high school taught me how to read true intention of others. As a mix of maturity and childish bloomers, it’s a great awareness to life. How to understand people by action, words, and behavior.

Don’t fall short of gossip, drama, or deception. I am glad my high school days gave me learning tools, and developmental growth as a teenager into adulthood.

As youth these days don’t have the experience as most of us born before 2000″s. I’m glad I got to have a youth without the technology burst. As I worked in High School, partied, experienced, the days of being social gathering and having fun. In reality, I learnt how to use a pay phone, 😁 spending the night with friends, and calling them from a rotary phone. My high school days taught me the importance of learning to be an adult. Education, Work, and Money. – Balance to be productive in Life.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

Daily Writing Prompt: What job would you do for free?

Interior Design
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If I could pick any job that was completely gratis, it would be that of a creative interior designer. There is something truly special and incredibly rewarding about being able to bring a vision to life with texture and color. Mixing furniture pieces, artwork and lighting fixtures can help to create something beautiful and functional out of something that may have previously felt drab. I’d love to have the chance to work on homes, offices and public spaces and know that it was all done at no cost to myself or the client. The joy and pride that I would take from my work is something that money cannot buy.

The old rustic look, touched with a colorful twist of pastels. Something that offers a smile by appearance, but a soft warming beauty that everyone talks about. Passing work speaks for itself, free would be an energy that could be endless with possibilities.

Honestly the term, “free” could be just a reality of doing something we love. For myself, when your passionate about something, it’s natural feel that motivating. At the end of the day, ‘free’ is just a love that you can’t describe. It’s not a job your doing for ‘free”. It’s a high price that’s healthy for your well-being. A rewarding choice of work, that is a job, but a passion of love. Interior design has so much fun, love, and passion thats creative. It’s an application I search for on a daily basis, just haven’t found the employer who’s generous to foot the bill. Of course the expense of material could be pricey.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

Stuck in the Middle: Growing up in Separate Homes

Talk about feelings and emotions
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As parents we are protectors, teachers, providers, and offer love for our children. In such a struggling economy, money is tight and stress levels are high. Leaving relationships in a stage of a breaking point. Sadly children are suffering from the fighting, the speration, and left in the middle of living between two homes. It’s difficult for children to understand the mixed emotions when parents separate or divorce. If you might be experiencing a co-parenting situation read into this. So let’s look into the co-parenting roles and the impact on our children.

Growing up in two houses can be both a blessing and a curse. Mixed emotions can be felt, blessed to have the best of both worlds—a warm, comforting environment at my mom’s and the same from my dad’s. Asgets older, they might begin to see the down sides of the situation—the yelling and constant bickering that parents seemed to do no matter where the child was. It can so hard to go to school feeling depressed, exhausted, and anxious. Some children experience so many emotions swirling inside them—anger, sadness, confusion, and a deep sense of being lost. Some are often too scared to ask parents what was wrong or why they were so angry. Again in most cases resort to just assumed it was because of them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We need to break the cycle of bickering and emotional outbursts. We need to create an environment of understanding, communication, and empathy. We need to start talking to our kids about how we feel and how our feelings affect their lives. We need to let them know that it’s okay to talk about their emotions and ask for help. We need to give our kids a safe space to be who they are and make mistakes. It can be tough growing up in two households, but it can also be an amazing learning experience. If we’re able to foster communication, understanding, and empathy, then it can be a place of growth, discovery, and resilience.

As adults, it’s our job to give kids the tools to succeed, help them grow into strong, confident adults, and develop strong mental and physical health. Unfortunately, a child growing up in a divorced household can suffer a variety of negative effects if the parents don’t come together and act in their child’s best interest. Yelling is one of the worst things you can do when co-parenting. A child who’s already dealing with the pain and confusion of two separate homes can become emotionally vulnerable when exposed to aggressive behavior.

Lacking the proper resources or understanding can impact a child’s life long-term. Triggers that impair motor and cognitive skills, that impacts the quality of education. It can take a short time of time or multiple occurrences to effect a child. This time frame varies depending on the severity of each situation.

Sometimes we don’t realize the amount of stress we carry until an situation takes place. Leaving us with poor judgement and behavior to simple matters. Apologizing only goes so far, proper adjustments can improve the results. Be patient, be kind, be ready to understand and communicate. The emotional effects of constant yelling at a child is heartbreaking itself. Just think about the long-term reality of routine yelling at a child. Actions speak louder than words, take control of your behavior. Intelligence goes a long way when implementing your own behavior.

Teach your child to be calm during disagreements. It’s in your abilities to teach guidance and understanding. Why not start where the problem starts?

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

  • **** Withholding love is another form of neglect and something that can do tremendous damage to a child. Regardless of their situation, kids need the assurance that their parents are still there for them, and a cold shoulder will leave them feeling hurt, unwanted, and unsure of their own value. *”*** Being harsh or rigid in discipline is a poor parenting decision for anyone, but for children who are already under emotional distress it can lead to feelings of shame, confusion, and a belief that their behavior will never be accepted by their parents. By understanding the lasting impacts that come from any form of negligent or hostile parenting, we can strive to make sure our children are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and love that they need to stay healthy and strong through a very trying time in their lives.
  • * Yelling not only does long-term psychological damage to the child, but can increase levels of anxiety and anger, causing them to act out in inappropriate ways.
  • ** Neglect and absenteeism from either parent can be devastating for the child. Not being available for comfort or care during times of crisis and struggle can cause emotional, psychological, and physical damage to the child, as well as create trust issues in future relationships.
  • *** A lack of communication can also have negative consequences for children of divorced parents. Not having access to an adult to ask questions, explain thoughts, and confide in can leave a child feeling alone, anxious, and even guilty if there are disputes between the parents.