Paper vs. Plastic

Go paper!
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Technology is constantly evolving, and now that includes our financial lives. While we used to pay with physical money, the rise of digital wallets has changed the way we use money. So, what’s the difference between these two payment options, and how do they impact our senses? Physical money, as we all know, involves physical objects that you can touch, see, and hear. For instance, when we make a purchase, we hear the jingle of coins and the crisp sound of bills being shuffled and handed over.

The physicality of the money gives us a tangible feeling of it passing through our fingers. And, when it comes to counting the cash, our sense of sight plays an important role; we count the physical bills and coins to ensure that the correct amount is exchanged. On the other hand, digital wallets allow us to transfer money from our online accounts directly to the store or recipient. Since digital wallets don’t involve physical objects, there is no physical feel to it; all you do is log into your online account and transfer the funds. With this process, our other four senses β€” hearing, sight, smell, and taste β€” don’t play a role. However, we can still rely on our sense of security. Thanks to advancements in security measures, digital wallets offer a secure and seamless way to transact and manage our funds. In the end, while physical money allows us to utilize five senses in the exchange process, digital wallets give us a safe, convenient way to transact money. Whether you prefer one over the other is completely up to you, but both payment options maybe important in this new age of technology.

However, the physical sense of money allows us the ability to sense spending, saving, and handling money. The paper exchange is an all time trade that gives us a secure safety net- the cash in hand. One can have a safety net that’s a jar hidden in the closet. That jar is within hands reach if needed. Those times are nearing, and generations today have no reality to that feel or sense to physical money awareness.

The digital world of convenience has left a lot of individuals today, unaware of what physical money is. The value of digital wallets have gained favor by convenience. This wallet is clearly just that, seen invisible with a fake impression of money. In reality, the concept of money is debt. Seeing an exchange by digital technology is an approved or decline response -feeling. Only later to be uncertain of what you have spent, saved, or unsure of any money available. Budgeting has lost its place in the world. We can only use our five senses to welcome physical money and appreciate the value.

Needless to say, in the near future the digital world will be an evil lesson to many. To manage money will be foreign and to save money will not be possible. Digital wallets have increased debit by the blind transaction. Simply because paper has become to much of a hassle. Sadly, in the near future counting change and scrapping dollars will be a new era. Nothing new last forever, history will always have its roots. And as we all know, times have changed rapidly and struggles are real.

So before the digital wallet takes you in a darken debit, count those dollars with your right senses! Feel those crisp bills in your hands, count those coins to make correct change, and only reach for plastic in case of emergencies. Get a glass jar save those loose coins. They won’t expire in a glass jar and trust me it will come in handy one day.

Just something to think about: remember when you had the choice of paper or plastic bags? Now look around, plastic bags have ruled – pushing paper bags aside. It’s to much of a hassle to carry more bags and make more trips. So plastic is convenient and much faster to eliminate trips in bring groceries in the house. Right? Plastic has eliminated the paper bags. The reality is that’s what has happened to our paper money. It’s a treasure we must stock up on and resurface. If not the depression and covid-19 was just small events in history. The demand for paper money will be the end to the world. We all know printing money takes production time and no one trying to work those kind of hours. It’s 2023, it’s a whole new era of demand. Gathered that paper.. let go of the plastic. Plastic is bad for the earth.. paper is recyclable.. πŸ˜πŸ€ Make the choice of switching digital to paper, it’s best for your financial well-being.

Until our beautiful minds meet again be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter-Della πŸ’ŸπŸ¦‹