“To reset your password, please click here.”

Short Story – reset password

Mike was a local newspaper reporter, who spent the day gathering information on a recent accident in the area. Puzzled by the findings, he walked through the park to clear his mind. A cool breeze that felt calm and relaxing, Mike was excited to start writing his article that evening. Once returning home, Mike turned the computer on, and then went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

Returning to his computer after eating..

Mike stared at his computer screen in frustration, the last few words of the message glaring up at him: “To reset your password, please click here.” Reset password? Mike’s mind raced in remembering every possible attempt to recover his password. After countless hours of searching for an answer, he had reached a dead end. Even his desk had no hopes for the password on a post-it note. Once exhausted, Mike noticed a forgot password link. Maybe the stress had quickly filled Mike’s eyes to overlook such- reminder. With a heavy sigh, he clicked the link.

Little did he know, clicking the link would set off a chain of events that could change his life forever. He was greeted with a new page containing two empty boxes and a field to enter a verification code sent to his email. As he opened his inbox to retrieve the code, Mike’s fingers were shaking with anticipation. What would happen next?

As he began to type in the verification code, a message appeared on the screen: “Thank you for your input, Mike. However, before we can process your request we must ask you to provide one random fact about yourself.” A blank stared from Mike’s face. What a random fact? Mike was in disbelief, what is going on? He continuously mumbled. This was certainly unexpected. After all, who needs to prove their identity by spouting random facts? At this moment, everything felt out of time and place. A computer working Mike by humor and security.

His mind raced for ideas as time ticked away until finally an idea struck him – maybe if he could provide something funny it would satisfy this ridiculous requirement! He typed in: “I once wrote a song about my password and it went viral”. Suddenly the box was filled with laughter and clapping! Balloons and streamers filled the screen. A grin and laughter on his face, amused but apparently stressed to reset the password. Apparently even computers had a sense of humor after all. Frustration carried a very good tune in the challenge of resetting the password.

With the authentication complete, Mike’s request was finally processed and his new password was revealed onscreen -YOU_ #1_BACON_FAN?. The audience continued to laugh as They watched Mike write down his new password while mouthing “You #1 Bacon fan”.

Just then Mike realized something…this entire ordeal had been an elaborate prank! All along he’d been talking to an AI program designed by someone with a sick sense of humor – perhaps even his own IT department! Even though Mike knew it was just a joke, it didn’t make it any less annoying having to reset his password after going through all of this trouble – especially since no one told him ahead of time that it would be part of some elaborate prank!

But as frustrating as this experience had been, Mike couldn’t help but chuckle as he thought about what had happened over the past few minutes and hours. Maybe resetting passwords wasn’t so bad after all…especially when you get treated to some entertainment along the way! Best of all to “reset your password” and reveal a random fact: “YOU_#1_ BACON_FAN”. Hopefully the pranksters take Mike for some lunch, a little bacon BLT😁

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋