Twisted, Tilted, and Tested

Balancing: Body and Mind – Army of One

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2023 is a tumultuous year, where the world is still operating on an unbalanced and unsteady axel. This analogy applies to our own lives as well – with so many responsibilities weighing us down, we can find ourselves off-kilter and struggling to regain balance. It’s our duty to get back up on our feet again no matter how often life knocks us down. The idea of falling down and getting back up again may seem cliché but it’s a necessary step in life’s journey. Standing back up to balance can be crippling depending on the situation to overcome.

As we struggle with work, relationships, family, and other everyday tasks. We must remind ourselves that there will always be times of great stress when we have no choice; but to fall down in order to move forward. Each of us is responsible for ourselves – for finding stability in a world that seems constantly chaotic. There are no guarantees in life, so when we inevitably fall, it’s important that we stand up and look for the next path forward without fear or hesitation. We should focus on growing from our struggles rather than simply giving into despair or pessimism. This is the only way we can continue building towards a better future where balance can truly be found once more. We all want the same thing – a world that turns in the proper direction without wear and tear from being burdened by such heavy loads. Until then, however, each of us has to strive towards this vision through taking small steps while never letting failure discourage us from believing in better days ahead.

Life is still filled with obstacles and hardships. Our paths have often become twisted and tilted, leading us in unexpected directions that we never thought possible. While it can be discouraging at times, it’s also essential to learn how to overcome these struggles as it teaches us to build resilience and fortitude within ourselves. Despite our obstacles, one of the things we strive for is a world that turns in a proper direction and provides a platform for everyone to succeed. This can be difficult because of the amount of wear and tear that comes with carrying such a heavy load but this only pushes us forward and helps us learn to navigate our way through unfamiliar territory. It requires hard work, dedication, commitment and above all else, determination. Though the journey ahead can seem intimidating, remember you are never alone. We all face challenging circumstances from time to time and if we stumble or get thrown off balance there is always an opportunity to fall down and start again. Whether it’s dealing with loss or finding new ways of moving forward, building a world where we are allowed to grow on our own two feet should be our primary focus in order to create a more equitable future for generations to come.

It’s a difficult and lonely journey at times, to go through life feeling unbalanced, weak and uncertain. You may have faced tragedy or struggle, like so many of us, that leaves you feeling completely drained and with little hope for the future. But it is possible to find balance, strength and courage even in those difficult moments when everything seems lost. All it takes is taking one step at a time, just one finger on the ledge. Though you may feel overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion, there is still a deep-seated strength inside you that can push you forward – even if it doesn’t seem like it in the moment. That inner voice, telling you “you got this” is the most important thing to listen to. That little whisper from within is the only friend who will always be there for you – no matter what happens in life. So listen to it! Use it as your guiding light whenever times are tough and darkness descends around you. Your mind is powerful beyond measure and will see you through whatever comes your way.

The power of life lies in the feet – two for balance and one for each body and mind. During hard times our faith is tested, we may lose hope, or feel that we are standing on the edge of disaster. But instead of letting fear take control, focus on what’s next: grip that ledge and climb up bit by bit, even when every fiber of your body screams in pain. Life edges may be sharp with deep rugged roads but inside us lives a strength so great it can help us make it through any challenge.

This inner strength has its own voice which tells us “you got this!” A reminder that we can push forward even when it feels impossible. This friend within us helps us conquer the obstacles in our way, gives us courage, fire and fearlessness – the perfect companion to see us through the toughest situations. A dedicated cheerleader that lifts us up and pushes us to our limits. So when life gets tough, remember to look within yourself for answers as your mind will always be there to save you.

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Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋