The last window

The world was a barren wasteland, a product of its own destruction. The Earth had been wracked by years of wars and natural disasters, leaving it little more than a barren rock with hardly any living creatures. The few humans who had survived had been forced to adapt in whatever ways they could, often having to resort to violence in order to survive.

Last window

Raj was one of these survivors. He’d grown up in the wastelands, barely making it day-to-day with only the sparse supplies that he scavenged from the remains of civilization. But he was lucky – he had stumbled across a relic of times gone by – an old window that still shone brightly when the sun hit it just right. The realm is being fond of such history from mass destruction that took place. Civilization crumbled and the government resources were punishment for the survivors. The window played that role of security strengthened hope and life forward. When no strength for a future was possible the last window, gave hope.

For Raj, this window served as more than just something to gaze at during his rare moments of reprieve – it served as a reminder that not everything in life was doom and gloom. He would sit for hours watching the sun dance off the glass, creating vibrant shapes and patterns in its light. It felt like he could almost make out faces and landscapes in its brightness. To him, this window represented hope, even if he was too far removed from anything good to ever truly experience it. A fairly new creation that shaped life as Raj would know it. In dust filled air, a wind of swirling dust quietly posed a form of life.

Then one day something miraculous happened – outside the window there was movement! A group of people emerged from behind some rocks on the horizon – their clothing worn and their expressions tired but alive nonetheless! For a moment Raj simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing but then joy surged through his veins like a jolt of electricity as his mind accepted that humanity wasn’t doomed after all!

He quickly rushed down from his spot on the mountain side and raced toward the small gathering below. His heart pounded harder and harder as he approached until finally he stopped directly before them and made his announcement: “I’ve found the last window!” In great surprise and chuckles heard in the crowd, ‘last window?”

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter-Della 💞🦋