🫣 Attachment – Connected by Emotional Thoughts πŸ«£

“Family, Friends, and Folks”

Attached - bonding
Attached – Connected by Thoughts

Attached, connecting with one or more individuals who share common interests. Actually when we love deeply, family, friends, and folks are those we bond with. Just because the intimacy, is between couples it does not take away from others on a deep level attachment. For myself I am one who loves wholeheartedly. Believing that love is truly a huge part of life. Without love – life is not a positive adventure. A connection between two can be a very special time shared. Friendship, co-worker, neighbor, gas station clerk, whom ever we connect with. Those connection become attachments that can last a lifetime. In this post, we view attachment as importance to mental health.

  • * Psychological effect of Attachment
  • The psychological effect of attachment. A bond of security, safety, reassurance, support, and trust. When a person allows attachment by bonding, they feel secure. This developmental growth is formed at birth – mother / child bonding to establish a connection. More so an attachment, of safety, and self awareness develop. Either be with a parent or caregiver, sibling, each person varies by circumstances. As that ability to connect with others in life relationships are crucial. One may attach or bond with another person by: emotional characteristics, sense of safety, securities, or how another makes one feel. Which is an emotional connection that evolves and forms between two individuals.
  • * Lack of connection
  • Often times, some are born in this world to be abandoned. No stable connection to attach or bond with others. The future connection with others can be difficult. A lack of attachment effect trust, security, and a deep level of connection with others. Relationships suffer due to inability to understand emotional attachment. The effects can be long term or a lifetime of mental anguish. A sense of being alone, an outcast, or unwelcome feeling when trying to interact with others.
  • * Detachment effects

With or without the ability, it can be painful to experience the detachment effects. Detaching from someone is merely painful, depending on the person. Separation anxiety forms when a person lacks the emotional attachment in early childhood. One may fear loss of another person. Having to separate from someone is painful. That sense of missing another, is like apart of yourself is gone. These feeling emerge once time has past without contact with someone we long for. That longing can be only by connection of attachment that is separated or broke. A connection that is broken by two, by death, disagreement, or distance. That becomes painful to function on a daily routine. Effecting how we trust other in future relationships.

  • * Security and Emotions
  • When we attach with others the security is by emotional attachment. Having an attachment is a good feeling that deepens the security. Security of being connected and secure in the bond between others. It’s common to have a sense of safety when our emotional attachment is secure. The security of attachment must be maintained to stay connected. Once the connection strengthens into attachment, a true bond of trust and security is established.
  • * Effects of attachment and detachment
  • Connecting is important to establish relationships. The feeling of security strengthens our mental health. The mental effects can be rewarding and painful. A bond can only be broken, generally by the loss of one of those connected to another. Mental effects to separate from one with that deep attachment can be life changing. How we cope and manage the effects are important. One can welcome the time shared and spent with memories. Appreciation of the shared time can help reduce the pain involved with detachment. One only hopes that attachments result in a bond for a lifetime.
  • Life is precious and attachments are important. For our mental and physical well-being managing relationships are rewarding. No one ever wants to feel alone or lose a special person. Spending a lifetime keeping a bond with other is a blessing. Cherish your relationships today, tomorrow, and in this lifetime.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della πŸ’žπŸ¦‹