💞Comfort is a state of Mind: Knowledge Lead the way 💞

Photo by Cindy Gustafson on Pexels.com

A beautiful butterfly floating across the way,

The luxury of happiness and comfort are lessons everyday.

The beauty never fades in the journey of the mind,

An endless smile felt deep in the soul – gentle and kind.

Crickets echoes in the night, natures creation near,

A song begins to play, crickets sing along, as music we hear.

Where inner peace and comfort can bring negative that’s lost deep within,

Happiness is sharing laughter with family and friends.

–Happiness is a State of Mind–

City life to old country barns out on the farm, just smell the air,

A feel of summer breeze blowing

 through the hair.

A warm smile that is shared with delight and cheer,

Happiness is state of mind and to each his own ends – mental focus clear.

Making memories that last as the day begins and ends,

Comfort is peace, love, or a friendly welcome, shared with a friend.

A long visit or just endless conversation that last a while,

Even a lazy day, messy bed, blankets in a pile.

— Happiness is a Choice —

Heavenly blue skies  and  freshly cut grass, sniffing from allergies,

A gentle breeze that blows through the trees.

Freshly baked bread and ice cold lemonade,

Happiness is special –custom – or Homemade!

—Comfort is to understand—

Life can be tough through the years,

Experience of happiness and painful moments of endless tears.

The comfort of a warm shower after work or play,

A healthy body to keep a glow, vibrant and young from day to day.

Fun exercise like dancing, boxing,  running, or dodgeball,

Mental and physical health comes in variety packages big or small.

A comfort soul is hard work to maintain,

As happiness and a  healthy mind, comes in time, as aged wisdom is never a promised, gain.

Maintaining the balance, has battle scars with age, comfort is peace in time,

Hard work, push and shove, for a dollar and dime.

—Peace is the tranquility of life—

Peace of mind is singing along with your favorite song,

A melody that soothes the mind and sings sorrows gone.

Learn to play an instrument to keep the beat,

Happiness leads the way and gives peace and joy to those you meet.

Music is the hearts energy in the soul where comfort is found,

Positive vibes, flow of life,  a peaceful energy creates a sound.

The comfort of happiness is time alone,

Comfort is the simple things that are felt in the moment, beauty define and shown.

—Life of happiness is comfort —

Excitement and laughter as lending a helping hand,

Positive energy,  contagious to those who enjoy the band.

Those who follow your song will understand,

Happiness is time that’s blessed, as life’s course is never planned.

—Happiness is a friendly gift

A gift of life, good health, prosperity and comfort leading the way,

Time has no guarantee from day to day.

A state of mind to be happy,  focused, and productive comes with age,

Comfort is dancing my own dance,  playing my own song, in my heart is real not staged.

Lessons and wisdom  are learnt by experience and pain,

Finally comfort is a state of mind, and happiness and knowledge are valued gains.

Thank you for being part of my comfort zone,

Energy leads the way, lyrics begin to dance, acknowledge the music – comfort rooted in the soul – understanding the song –

Comfort is a state of mind – well known.

 Until our beautiful minds meet again. Be safe out there.  Many blessings and much love.  Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 🦋💞