Mental Health, Yes Please!

It was November of 2019, reading news as I do,

A new sickness – very dangerous from a small spill- yes its true.

In February 2020, something had a different feel,

As March came along, the announcement nationwide: covid-19 is real.

Lockdown shutdown right away, the world revised a whole new look,

Resturants only drive thru or you went home to cook.

A virus spread so fast, many lives it took,

A simple spill destroyed the nation, a virus that’s recorded in history books.

Mental Health, Yes Please!

So much for the mind an body to feel and face,

In a world struggling to overcome challenges that take place.

I began to write why Everyday Minds Matter,

Without a mindful view,  the mind can crumble and begin to shatter.

A new world took on alcohol and smoking – real quick,

The spread did not discriminate, a nation – millions became sick.

To get through  depression, drinking and unhealthy habits were first choice,

No better time to express the need- be priority share and be heard – voice.

Mental Health, Yes Please!

A new world evolved, as social distancing practiced day to day,

Instacart,  Uber Eats, and more delivered everyday.

A level of comfort to be at home, as isolation is bad for mental health,

Your mind depends on you, not social status or common wealth.

Mental health struggles, daily stress added along the way,

Stress, debt, bills, rent and mortgages, many failed to pay.

Mental Health, Yes Please!

Unemployed or employed working wages- money earned little to none,

Resources,  shortages, inflation, extinction- not a battle to be won.

A cycle we all must stand against- face to face,

Strength and knowledge in this world- just fighting for a happy place.

Day after day, a cycle we create, of our own,

Pushing through to get by, when tomorrow is unknown.

Mental Health, Yes Please!

Reality to look out for your neighbors, friends and family if you can,

Sometimes it can be hard to ask another for a helping hand.

We all struggle in different ways,

Depression, anxiety, and mental challenges, increase with stressful days. 

Inflation increased rapidly, where wages and pay stays the same,

A world playing catch-up, we all now struggle, as covid-19 is to blame.

When dollars have lost its shine, pocket change is a lovely surprise,

Struggle is real, until working wages increase with inflation on the rise.

Mental Health, Yes Please!

Food shortage, decreased food stamps, and utilities follow suit and increased,

Lord, help a struggling world before more are deceased.

Many willing and yet unable,

And unfortunate, those who struggled to have food on the table.

Homeless grew and vehicles repo’d,

Unpaid debit to the banks – that many owed.

Mental Health at record highs,

Suck it up, hide the pain of your cries.

Violence on the streets, pain and suffering with a gun,

Mental madness, on the run.

The pain is real, for goodness sake!

Only so much a person can take.

God bless the struggles one must face,

The fight to survive only with Gods grace.

Empty shelves, toilet paper, without a trace, 

In a New world of mental health crisis taking place.

Mental Health, Yes Please!

Your mind is the foundation to a happy, healthy you,

Your not alone, the challenges are real, there’s help to get you through.

Don’t suffer alone or feel afraid or ashamed,

Mental health has crazy, freak, and more attached to degrade the name.

Relationships began to fade and fell apart,

As time spent together, proved loveless at heart.

Communication changed with social distance, people lost touch,

Just when people needed each other so much.

In time more arguments within were made.

Its okay to not be okay, stand up for a peace of mind,

The rewards are promising to a life of mindfulness to find.

Just speak out: 

Mental Health, Yes Please!

Just a little sharing of the mind. Until our beautiful minds meet again. Be safe out there. Many blessings and much love.. Remember Everyday Minds Matter. – Della 🦋