Racing to fill Space -2050- | Earth

A New World in Space
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Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say.

Would you believe an open world of vacuum space; no human life on earth? No animal or humanity left not a trace that once roamed, earth?  Floating wasn’t optional or even the once in a lifetime opportunity.  Being in space was the New World.  A populated creation that hardly noticed.  Reproduction  once life took place.  Centuries of man made destruction to evolve fast production for a demanding world.  As it was told a wicked scientist stood behind a control panel; operational robotic-zombie creating vacuumed life.  

It was 1989, a young training astronaut  launched into space.  Carrying a crew of four on the space shuttle.  As the force of the universe blasted the members aboard, radio communication silenced.  The missing shuttle was never heard from again. But the disappearance was silenced, due to improper transmitter complications.

 In late November of 2019 on earth,  a laboratory had slipped. Slipped as a spill of the deadliest virus in history – airborne to the world.  Time of the exposure was hidden and covered to avoid panic.  The world couldn’t clean the spill that happened.  A rapid spread of a virus that lockdown the nation.  Pandemic, epidemic, crisis or a virus of  mass destruction swept through the world.  Employment for many changed in a days time, millions of people unemployed.  Unemployment left millions at home, leaving many hungry, homeless, and even dead due to the corona virus.  

A struggling world due to a pandemic never experienced in over decades.  The world was numb- like a zombie apocalypse.   Social distancing gave the world a whole new look and uncomfortable perspective.  Some stayed at home for 2 years, delivery companies provided for those individual needs. Wearing a mask was priority as finding toilet paper.  The madness for essential items were crucial at times.  The store shelves were nearly empty as truck delivery had slowed or even stopped.  Trucking companies needed drivers as the older workers retired.  The industry had taken a toll on the nation due to  employment demand shortages. As unemployment needs overwhelmed demand.  High rates of unemployed, begged and pleaded, for systems crashed who depended on unemployment benefits.  Yet leaving many disappointed as it failed to produce payments.

Small business were shutdown and permanently closed.  The public had violently dismissed the CDC regulation causing conflict.  As the world struggled to survive the government produced payments, stimulus and food benefits to help.  A new world that was held as “free money” stating people no longer wanted to work.  In belief, that the stay at home method allowed individuals to bank on government funding.  This was far from true after all applicants for employment, companies “ghosted” applicants. With the ability to continue furlough findings from the government.  2 years after, a struggling economy and still several million unemployed workers; struggles began to face reality.  Shooting, street, violence, and still deaths from the covid-19 pandemic.  The world slowing began to form a new world.  

In a slow motion appear as zombie’s, people have drawn blank looks that was once covered by mask.  A smile is foreign and social distance is fear of touching an on going zombie near by.  The word “germs” the stigma of the zombies who have peeked out of lockdown.  Looking around into a vacuumed space occupied by an apocalypse of zombie’s.  No ones in no hurry to get anywhere and money is slowly fading away.  A populated world decreased by several millions.  While a small spill that dosed a whole nation, effects will continuously linger in years to come.   A similar effect of the early centuries known as the “Depression”.   The death toll staggered by not to the numbers in 2019 – 2021.  Of course the over population present wasn’t even imagined in the depression days.  Humans have reconstructed “land of the free” to “land of nothing soon to be”.  

As over populated areas continue to have covid-19 outbreaks, scientist are creating life in space.   DNA and artificial intelligence have joined together in experimental development.  Where as the new life that forms will over power the creator.  Nonetheless, a robotize creation that can out work the zombie.  A modified human that never misses a day of work.  Companies operate on a round the clock production.  Electric circuits are only needed to exceed scientific accomplishments.  

A vacuumed space world that no voice can be heard.  Production to form  new life, where vocal does not exist.  A silenced world that shows lights in the universe and mass production of the same creation.  A robotized upgraded zombie that creates mass production that piles up over a course of time. Metal on metal no transportation just product dropped in to a universe of mass production.  Silenced by the creator, as communication is digitalized electronic inclusion  of distraction.  Exceptional creation unknown as “Artificial Intelligence”.

Until our beautiful minds meet again. Be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter – Della 💞🦋