😍 Amazing People

Indiana Janitor “Don’t Stop Believing”

Richard Goodall -By FoxNation

Just when you think anything is impossible or just stressed out. Heres something to up skill your thinking. This morning I heard this story on the local radio station. I truely was drawn to the story for a lot of reasons. A man who loves his job and community. A love of just singing is a gift. But to have such phenomenal power in one voice that touches your soul is a true blessing. This story has went viral.

Im just sharing such uplifting story for others to enjoy the blessing as well. Maybe to motivate other’s to be this guy. Show the world what you got..

Indiana – Richard Goodall

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Much love and many blessing. Remember Everyday Minds Matter – – DellaπŸ¦‹

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