⏳Time To Inflate The Mind

No Better Time To Beat Inflation With Knowledge

Inflation and Money
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Just that word “inflation”, let me say blow it up the back end. A word we all have heard expressed sporadically over the years. Has anyone ever discussed the topic over dinner, family function, or read up on the facts? More than likely that motivation or movement is not volunitary. Fearing or embarrassed of others our weakness or failure.

Inflation is to inflate by an action of increasing. Generalized of prices, pretty simple everything cost money. Leaving the pockets with change vs dollar bills. The so called “inflation” is an increase of everything, “except” wages.

To see how the covid-19 shutdown shook the world. Yes, shook a crippling nation tossed crumbs to help one survive. Small businesses struggled and even closed the doors permanently. When some may have believe those who drew unemployment was living, well. Not at all, those unemployed, loss the safety net to well-being. Those who were faced with job loss are still trying to peek out into this cruel world.

Reflection of COVID-19 highlights on gas prices:

  • January 2019 average gas $2.34 / July 2019 $2.82
  • January 2020 average gas $2.64 / July 2020 $2.27
  • January 2021 average gas $2.42 / July 2021 $3.23
  • January 2022 average gas $3.41 / July 2022 $4.89
  • 🚧🛑 A world under critical financial pressure “Stopped” – shutdown. March 2020, in just a single day changed the world forever. A new world emerged by the power of people. A very ill economy held together by unemployment, rent / utility / furlough assistance, and emergency food assistance. Only to be tossed with inflation demands, at the pre-end promise of a recovering economy.

Provided the covid-19 highlights above; if need be go back and re-read. I am no rocket expert or scientific analysts by any means. One thing I do consider myself, a creative resourceful women. To think inside the box, of course I can do that. To think outside the box, yes I can do that, as well. Most would careless about an ability to do either. Frankly the demand for education is priority. If the world closes in on finance, employment, housing, everything is impacted. To survive “thinking inside the box” is a strategically plan to stay ahead. This is the root cause of inflation. Trapped by unemployment challenges, while the rise of survival needs triple in price. Financial struggles have empower men and women to “think outside the box”. Employment is a war for acceptance by knowledge, education, and skill set. To be successful every resource and skill is challenged. Inflation is sourced by man vs. (AI) – artificial intelligence.

Thinking Inside The Box

Did anyone ever think about being frugal before the pandemic? Save money, use coupons, or cut back on unnecessary items or services? Of course not! Why worry about those added work strategies while everythings going well, right? A big Wrong! If one can’t acknowledge preperation for hard times before hand, well its hard to get ahead. How many can actually say, they have means to grow a successful garden? Use coupons, gas apps, meal prepartion planning, utilize government or community resources? All these are thinking inside the box plans.. One must place themselves in a situation as a practice run. If the practice run is not done before the actual storm- well the storm will surely fix the problem.. The problem will take away everything. A free win simply because the practice run happend. Practice is key to success, learn to do with less to have more. If this situation happend how would do I get through this? Basic common questions no one ever considers.

Thinking Outside The Box

This my friends is the kicker. Thinkibg outside the box is the fix to the problem. Where man and women beat the struggle of inflation. Educate, educate, educate, educate yourself. I can not empazise this enough. With production loss across the world, businesses locked the door for good. We must act now! To get ahead and stay prepared, educate yourself on everything. This I mean everything possible. If your a hair stylist, get your practice to create something new not nobody else has done. Promote that new style yourself. Whatever it takes to be unique. Shine with a new fashion that nobody else knows about. This is up to you. If your a painter of design, rock new style that screams ” Damn, “Damn, “Damn” to the world. If your a landscaper, rock some new design that neighbors watch you create and come to you in person for a quote. If you a mechanic, take a class for more knowledge to boost your pocket. Every ounce of skillful knowledge is an assest that can’t be taken from you. Take every resource and use to your advantage. If your struggling but embarrassed to seek assistance. Please put that shame under your shoe, walk proudly ask for help. You put your hard work in for days in and days out. Busting your tail to survive, be proud of yourself you did great. Its not your fault that the struggles are face to face with the hardest workers known. Breathing room helps us plan and push forward to get back on our feet. Its okay to face – what the world is facing.. That face to face is the power of education. We are challenged with the higher power of inflation and artificial intelligence.

As we push to get ahead, think about this. The price of gas during a pandemic slightly increased… ” Slightly” increased I repeat “slightly” increased. It’s only go time for the world to play catch up. A buy now, pay later incentive for being human. You will hear this many times if you follow my blog. We are on high production to catch up. As humans the world taught us we are unable to keep up. With that being said, sadly my friends artificial intelligence created by our own man or women. Created the robot to produce mass production. With no health benefits, wages, sick leave, or vacation time. Think about it. 24/7 nonstop production. 100 humans vs. 1 robot. – Win for the robot. In no damn way, to hold the challenge. After many decades, the time has come to be our own source of money. Either product and services for cash or trade. We are forced to inflate our minds. Don’t be forced just keep educating your skills to be the best or close to in your talents.

Jobs have been replaced by robots are proof covid-19, sick individuals were forced out if work. When many lost lives due to an over production to what? You got it “work”. Showing that robots are the power of operating the world. Replaced by a computerized object that has no heart. I say that again. No Heart! A heartless creation to extinct mankind throughout time. Why? Inflation has 3 main goals. “Speed” “Need” and “Greed”

Today as we celebrate the 4th of July. Celebrate a new freedom to be your empowered self. Think in and outside the box. Educate and inflate your mind.. And never forget inflate kindness as the world struggles. How you treat others maybe a reflection of who might help you. If in case you need help one day. The power to play catch up financially to the world has hit pockets of those who never faced financial challenges. Reach out to those who need help if your able to help. As a powerful inflation spreads house to house. Inflate your heart with kindness. We must inflate our power to beat inflation. One hand at a time we can pull each other up.

Until our inflatable minds meet again. Be safe out there. Blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter 💖🦋


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