Large snowflakes fell, leaving conditions dangerous and unpredictable.  Harsh temperatures stung across those faces who challenged travel. Invisible to the eye, frozen or numbness, warned – burning sensation discolored red tint covering the exposed skin – .  Darkness revealed by a rare street light or local plow truck on occasion.  

 A middle age man, stiff, weakened, heavy footed- stumbled to the snow covered pavement.  Weighed down by heavy damp clothes, the only warmth, the man had available.  Conditions caused numbness of hypothermia, added confusion-weaken, unstable; held a weathered look to the man.  A bitter pain; ached through the bones on a stable structured frame. Drips of snow latched to the hairs of an frozen mustache.  Determined, to find warmth through the cold, damp to wet clothing, bitterness-  bright headlights stared the eyes, who’s vision overlapped. A young voice called out, as the truck engine silenced the voice. The man tried to move quickly perhaps but lacked motion.. Response slow to flow, a hand signal to motion – delayed by impaired mobility.  Not a word could be muttered, not an eye could blink. A man who lost direction and time – clearly lost.  Mile after mile of fighting bitter cold weather was unknown.. Fragile – defeated, crippled the once-such strong physic man.  Suddenly falling to the snow, unconscious, surrender to defeat.   

A young women hollered and screamed, watching the man collapse before her.  Driving to rescue the man seemed like eternity, slippery conditions reduced time to reach the man.  Unsure of health conditions or how to get him into the truck- was heart wrenching.  Approaching the man, without hesitation. – “Are you okay, sir”? No response after three times. Tears began to freeze on her face, crying with fear in the worst.   She could not budge the weight to assist helping him in the truck.  “Sir, I’m Kaylee, I need you to help me help you”. Begging and pleading, desperately needing a miracle. In the bitter whist of air, somehow the man began to move.  Assisting with guidance, weathered – fragile, Kaylee positioned the seat resting to accommodate the man.  Unable to call for help,  Kaylee hoped the heat would warm them, as they drove off to the local hospital.  No exchanged conversation- or attempt. Scared for what could be, Kaylee continued to pray and seeking answers in her own thoughts.

Arriving at the hospital, through the glass rotating doors, Kaylee began to call out to medical staff.  “please help me, please”!  Unconscious the man was in poor conditions – medical staff began to question Kaylee about the so called “weathered” man – no identity, no information on his presence.  Kaylee hoped to recall the location she discovered the man. With possible hope to give clues to unanswered questions.  A man who could not speak, had no wallet or belongings.  Only a body and faced conditioned – “weathered”. 

Dr. Frank was the first physician to begin medical procedures to ensure safety and health concerns of a “weathered” man.  Dr. Frank examined the man cautious to speak with no name or identity, “shall we offer a name for this man, William Weathered”?  Please by medical staff, for security and medical purposes William Weathered had a temporary identity.

Hours later, hospital staff began to questioning the search for relation that could identify William.  To start the process security would have to be on guard around the clock.  Everyone prayed for answers as the word spread quickly about an unidentified man known as William Weathered.

News reporters and community members flooded the lobby and outside streets of the hospital.  No information was provided for security reasons other than a possible location Kaylee provided.  As William remained unconscious, Kaylee  visit the man she was able to help, daily.  Dr. Frank would give Kaylee medical updates.  William had stayed in the coma unconscious for several days. 

Day after day no response Dr. Frank proceeded to further examine William. His health was remarkable considering his state on arrival. Hypothermia must have cause a stroke that induced a coma. Dr. Frank had wondered if he could have been a traveler or from out of town. Not one person had any information that could help find relation to William.  Kaylee would sit for hours talking to William, reading reports of people who were lost or missing out loud to William.  Local  members found it unusual for Kaylee to spend so much time tending to an unknown stranger. 

Kaylee told staff members everyday is Williams birthday.  A celebration of his life since it’s unknown. Decorating the room, buying gifts and conversation with William, made a 32 year old women feel hope he could wake one day. 

Even doctor Frank had other specialist try to better understand how severe hypothermia, well William was a miracle to be alive.  Trying to piece the puzzle, Dr. Frank told Kaylee there isn’t any answers.  A man who has lived weeks, and months with hypothermia is rare. Afraid of Kaylee being disappointed for days to come, he advised her to take time away from visiting.  Tear filled eyes, Kaylee was discouraged and pleased to visit William daily.   Her heart was full, dedicated and determined for William to recover one day. 

As the days passed Kaylee read stories as she researched possible cases of missing person reports.  It had be 18 weeks and not one person came to identify William. No phone calls or even person questing his identity. 

A nurse came in the room, watching as Kaylee routinely made sure William was well tended to.  “Hey Kaylee”, the nurse said.  Turning to the nurse, she noticed Kaylee in tears.  “Oh dear, what’s  the matter”?  Sobbing with words unclear, Kaylee said “ this could be my father”.

The nurse confused, Kaylee continued.

My grandmother took care of me, while my father worked on big aircraft.  Most days he would work long hours so he would just stay at the job. Later as I was older I understand he was overseas or far away with work. My father was a military man of many years. I was 10, when my father stopped calling. My grandmother said he must be really busy, she was sure he would call very soon.  I missed hearing his voice, I really missed him everyday.  My mother ran off when I was a baby, so my grandmother did her best to raise me..   Now my grandmother is much older on occasion we talk about my father. Grandma always holds that little piece of hope, that he will call one day.  She says he should call one more time before she leaves this earth.  Maybe she has taught me to hold on over all these years.  William reminded me of my father, if he had got lost or hurt I pray someone showed up just in time. 

Listening to Kaylee’s heartfelt story. The nurse asked Kaylee if her grandmother knows about William and what’s her thoughts?  Kaylee smiled and says, if grandma heard his voice she would know if he’s my father.. 

Tears continued to fall as they continued conversation.  William laid peacefully as he did while Kaylee talked regular.  

Kaylee went to the bedside, placed her hands on the hand of Williams.  She said, William you are my hope as a young women that my father is out there in this world looking for me and grandma.  “please William say something”.  As grandma would know you were her son or not.  Kaylee felt Williams hand begin to warm, unaware of just a notion of hope. The nurse said his vitals increased and his heart rate elevated.   Dr. Frank was called immediately to examine the cause.  Abruptly questioning what occurred. Explained conversation, Dr. Frank said it’s common for theses cases where nervous tend to spasm.  Kaylee felt discouraged as the doctor expressed his opinion.  Not wanting to leave, Kaylee went home for the evening.

Kaylee had some errands to run before visiting William so she was off routine this once.  Arriving to the room, Williams room was empty. Kaylee screamed and started to feel a panic attacks rising.  Someone help me, where is he? No one called me, it’s not fair, Kaylee continued.   Everyone was silent not a word, no answers or information.  Kaylee began to call for Dr. Frank, nurses seemed unresponsive.

Tell me why isn’t anyone communicating with me? I have spent 8 months with William, tell me something. Heartbroken- Kaylee made a call to grandma. He’s not here, grandma.  Not one person will talk to me. What is happening?  Screams continued as Kaylee begged for answers.  Medical staff run to grab Kaylee and tie her down.  The madness continued as Kaylee plead to know where William was take to.

 Dr. Swak held Kaylee’s  arm while injecting her with Lithium.  Give her 10 minutes and she will be fine.  A women arrived asking for Kaylee’s room, insisting it was urgent.  Nurses informed the women Kaylee was being seen by the doctor, she could see Kaylee in 20 minutes.  Cried and screamed continued from Kaylee leaving staff silenced.  The women sat patiently as directed waiting to see Kaylee. 

Time for you to see Kaylee a nurse spoke.  Arriving to the room Kaylee was exhausted from another day of mental madness.  “ Hey honey, it’s mom”.  The women spoke for sometime, Kaylee starred with glazed eyes, half placed in the bed strapped down.  Kaylee when will you give up?  You will not be able to come home if you continue this non sense. 

The night nurse peaked in the door, how is she,? asked the nurse.  A few more hours and she should come too.  Every lithium shot takes her out for awhile, but it shall pass.  If she can only except the truth he’s to coming home, these days would fade.  I guess being a little girl losing her father isn’t easy. 23 year and her life has been hell.  Her mind has taken her to mental madness that has no remorse. The epic attacks are heart breaking, Dr. Swah says she might realize the truth one day.   

The nurse says if you need anything let us know.  The women smiled sitting with Kaylee. Nurse, one more thing.

“What room did they move William too”?

“Could you please let him know his mom is here”?

Mental health is serious. This is just a story I wrote to share the effects of life events. Mental challenges may seem unrealistic but truth is, it’s a struggle for alit of people. Our minds are a powerful tool that we must maintain daily. If we allow the work to over power us, the struggles are real. If you need professional help please seek immediately. Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there. Much love and blessings. Remember Everyday Mind’s Matter 🦋

– Della🦋