June 15th 2022 A View Looking Out – People

Sometimes we don’t really notice a lot of things until we stop to notice first hand. I have been doing instacart and Uber eats since about February 2022. A love moment to deliver to people. One thing we fail to remember we will always eat. The money aspect doesn’t cross my mind because that will always be there.

However most would not believe the appreciation from grocery or food delivery unless you do it. Knock on wood, not have I had a bad delivery or rude customer and I have made several several deliveries. 100% ratings.. On time deliveries.. Those are just numbers to me that makes no sense. As I would rather a customer get every order precise with no mistake than rush and have a mad customer. But this is done with my inner soul.. Helping others has always run heavy in my veins.

Its something about pulling up in one’s driveway and being greeted. Greeted, actually very happy I showed up. Now think about this: covid lockdown took our demeanor and shook us to what’s next? Not anyone had a clue of the outcome.. We are still here.. ( yes a lot lost lives, and its horrible that it still stings the world). Yet people are happy to see I care to take time and care about how I present myself, friendly, and care for their items. For me, walking away – I see a customer smiling, happy and my good deed is complete at that delivery. Looking out people are stuck in lockdown mode to a sense.

What happend to kindness and friendly is my next outlook.? This to me is not just a job, delivery I will run on gas fumes to make someone happy.. Interact with customers chatting while doing their shopping.. Believe it or not I hear stories of disrespectful delivery people. Why? Why be rude when you are your own boss? What does misery and your boss have in common? Right your own boss is you! Happiness is poured from the bottle.. If the bottle is sour – well what goes in the glass is polluting the air.. If your bottle has that effect on the environment, please take the lid off and get some fresh air and look at the beauty the world has to offer..

As I get ready to grocery shop for others, sweating and hot.. I know my customers will be happy knowing I care to help another. With this being said, how does your outlook define you? Are people just people trying to survive in this race of life? Or are you the person who stops to finish as an inner beast to help as many as you can? For myself, everyday is a new day to lace up the Nike and work harder.. If you choose to lace up and give your all today, let me get a hell yea!

Until our besutiful minds meet again.. Be safe out there, much love and blessing.. Remember Everyday Minds Matter.. 💜 Della🦋

2 thoughts on “June 15th 2022 A View Looking Out – People

  1. Mary Ann Kraczek

    Della,,, you are a joy to my Heart . You make me think of how could I’ve done or said a certain situation different. Before you came into my life I wouldn’t have gave of what I did or how I said it any differently. Sometimes it’s too late to try and explain ( well I really didn’t mean to say it like that or handle it in a different way) You have opened my Heart to my own self. And I Thank You for that . I do believe I will grow in my thoughts and actions towards how I handle things differently. I’m a very caring person and when I don’t receive it back ( which I shouldn’t) it really sticks with me . I wasn’t raised like that . My parents were the kindest & careingess people to every walk of like . I get very emotional when I’m not like that. I believe I have come to realize that people are like you and me ,, they have their own ways and that’s their choice not mind .Even the 66 years I’ve lived it’s not my mother & fathers world .And that’s hard for me to understand.( Just how each other treats others ,, even their loved ones. I once believed people should treat me the way I treat them ,,, well this ole girl has found out that is not in any way true . Well I will end here because I’ve really not talked about what I wanted to talk about ,,, at a later time I hope to be gave another chance to to do that :


    1. Everyday Minds Matter Post author

      My friend you are a beautiful person inside and out.. But your right we cant control how other see the world. Some are just ment to be there own person. Those of us who see the beauty in life are those with great hearts.. Never think you fail we learn as we go.. And the important part is being open minded to others opinions. That my friend makes us the dying breed.. 🦋 Much love and blessings – Della 🦋


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