💸Chasing the Dollar

June 10th, 2022

Good morning everyone! 💜 I have been staying busy this week. Instacart and Uber Eats I do regularly during most weeks . I couldn’t be happy with being an independent driver. It is rewarding, fun, and its good money. Most of would say its about they money. I believe true in so many ways, yet differ you have to love or enjoy what makes you happy.

Paying the bills from a miserable workplace is not healthy. It can be more damaging mentally and physical in due time. However, chasing the dollar is an important part of our lives. No matter the productive aspect its the motivation that drives us to chase the money. We are only human and through trial and error we discover what makes us motivated to get the money.. Then again, there are those who rather not bother.

Today would have been my fathers bday. The days before my body and mind know this date June 10th all to well. I’m in a slow motion, depressive state that lacks smiles. Yet, I know that is invisible to those who don’t know me. Sometimes its easier to say nothing vs. talk about it. If you haven’t been there, thanks for not saying nothing, otherwise you will piss me off. Death of a loved one never goes away.. Yes, days get better but 21 years is fresh at times. Im older and more experienced to death vs. when I was 23. How we get through it we continue to learn each day, holiday, birthday, months, years to come.. So to keep motivated and be happy I stay busy chasing the dollar.. Happy customers, happy me.

Until our minds meet again, be safe out there. Much love and blessings, Remember Everyday Minds Matter🦋