⏰ Time ⏰ June 5th, 2022


Hello friends! Hope your doing well. We all heard the saying, “Don’t wish your life away”! At times we wish for people, places to go, or things in general. More so figure of speech, then we are rushed for time, lose track of time, even wait for time, and sadly we waste time. Regardless, however that time was spent it is gone. Time can never be replaced or be rewind.

I am guilty of this often, to lose track of time. Honestly, when I get all into something, my focus is set. The determination level is intense. Since I love writing, crafts, projects of all sorts, my time seems to fly by. On occasion my days are slow, unproductive, and my mind falls into a recovery mode.

Recovery mode is like back track of all my time doing things. Almost like a check list or recall phase. To me this seems regular and normal. Might be mind in overdrive, just keeping time. But my sleep schedule is crazy so this impacts my shut off time. However when Im resting my mind is quiet. In return it does balance with time somewhat.. Would love your thoughts on time. How does your time and mind look like? Is your mind always in over drive? Or do you have s balance of letting your mind rest, during the week?

Until our minds meet again. Be safe out there, much love and blessings. Remember Everyday Minds Matter🦋