🐪Hump Day – June 1st – 2022

Photo owned by Della Lonaker

With only one day behind us, after a long weekend for some; Hump Day is valued. Regardless of anything, the halfway mark is breathing room. Looking for those stepping stone is important. It’s how we get by as humans. Needing those measuring stick that tell us, we are alright. Guidence can often be unwanted, needless to say, I welcome guidence often. So hump day is a measuring point to our work week. How does your Hump Day look like? Does Hump Day exist in your work time frame? Remember the old television commercials, the camel always created humor. 🐪

Are you a decorative spring, summer person? I love to decorate the flower bed, change my door wreaths, of course most of my decorative are made by me. 💘. Indoor and outdoor decorative s create a happy feeling. As we all like to smile and engage in projects that make us happy. The colors and designs give a home a comfortable feel. From flowers to lights, lawn ornaments, or handmade creations – just a simple touch of love. Welcoming to our mental health.

As we slide to the weekend, plans for any summer fun? Today I plant flowers and do a few projects. Nothing fantasy here, the sunshine sure has its warming effects. If your outside in the heat be safe drinking enough water. Also makes sure your pets have a cool place and water, as well. Enjoy your Hump Day.

Until our minds meet again, be safe out there. Much love and blessings. Remember Everyday Mind’s Matter 🦋