😴Tuesday Tired – Extended Weekend

What’s at the top of your mountian? Photo by Aron Visuals on Pexels.com

Alarm goes off, eyes blurred and body says ” No, not today”. Feeling tired and blah fatigue – back to work. Sometimes; I feel like the extra days off, contribute to feeling more tired. In short time, our body fall out of routine. Extra day to lose control of bedtime, extra “me” time. Unconsciously, its okay, consciously our Tuesday is a tired Monday – knowingly the results are painful at times. Its okay, bouncing back before we even realize; its okay to be out of routine from time to time. Our journey doesn’t stop because of holidays, sick days, or lazy days.. Our mind continues to guide us to the next stop. Everyday unconsciously we work to achieve that goal in life. That goal is to be comfortable being our best for ourselves. Until we get there we must work to reach that destination. Once we arrive, we are renting the campsite.. The campsite has to be maintained, the work must be done routinely. That maintenance to your destination is up to you.. You can only determine how long that destination is your peek. If you fail to maintain your destination, the road map has unlimited options. Those options are your choices and decision to your next destination. The work never ends.. Don’t stop at comfortable, drive til you fall in love with happiness. Where motivation meets you there with a vision to maintain your campsite.

My days are blurred at times, but my heart is blessed, knowingly I can’t rest if I plan on reaching my destination. Today, I must keep moving be productive, tired and heavy eyes, I must push on. My support team is amazing and always watching, listening, and rooting for me. Last thing, even at the lowest, highest, or resting point, the peek – is always waiting my arrival. My eyes maybe blurred but my vision is stored in my mind. That vision can be updated as needed, but the determination will bring me to my destination – reality. I am looking forward to that day, moment – be pinched, feel the woe, tears of joy. Reach that purpose to My journey – called “Life”.

Soon I plan to post My Story My Version. A road map to my journey of Life, where detours and challenges weren’t always blacktop. Gravel roads are bumpy, but mountian view is beautiful at times. The climb seems so far from sight. As I am still trying to reach that peek, stopping to seize the moment, couldn’t be more motivating. Let today be a day to look over your roadmap. What does your journey look like? Are your at a campsite that’s happy and motivating? Or is your roadmap getting dusty and need updated?

Until our minds meet again, be safe out there. Blessings and much love.. And Remember Everyday Mind’s Matter 🦋