🦋Minding My Business – May 28th, 2022

Waking up on the weekend. A nice pretty day, in Kentucky. The roses around the community are blooming. Such a beautiful creation, pink rose bushes at full of bloom. All the recent rain did a great job!

Smell of spare ribs and collard greens fill the air, balcony door open, birds chirping. 🐦 Surrounded by tranqility, at times we forget to enjoy the moment. For me it puts a soft smile on my face and a cozy feeling. With several projects at hand, its a sense of ” Me time”. As I refer to as “Minding My Business.”

Having projects, errands, and always tons to do. I still get the happy feeling when minding my business. I doubt anyone ever complains about having time to themselves, then again some people can’t be alone.

Since that subject is not my sytle, I will ✂ subject back to minding my businesd.

“Quiet” just feels good! This was pretty neat, as I looked out the balcony door two birds sat. Captured picture: one in air flying away. Just neat the picture did not blur, screen is almost unnoticed.

Birds – enjoying the day too

My crafty projects – if I have a bad day, crafts pulls my head out of my ass. Something with crafts make me perk up, focus, concentrate and create decoratives or door wreaths. Hobbies should be part of everyone’s routine. Either once a week or few times a month.

Why not mind your business doing something you love, and relieve mental stress? If you dont have a hobby; look into an assortment of interest. We tend to be good at a lot of things, just grabbing time to find the fit – excuse vs. effort. Once that minding my business hobby is found, happiness is an added bonus.

Having several hobbies and interest, rarely am I bored. A completed project just minding my business, can be a feeling of being productive. With totes of supplies and a mind full of ideas.. – time can be limited.

Picture owned by Della Lonaker🦋

A Saturday minding my business. I would like to encourage you to mind your business😁 What does Minding My Business look like for you? lt only takes a million thoughts or a good idea, to make one nice finished project. Share your happiness with us.. To continue my day, and until our minds meet again. Be safe out there, blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Mind’s Matter🦋