Good Morning🌅

May 27th – 2022

Morning Coffee

As our day begins, a simple cup of coffee goes a long way. The thoughts of whats ahead starts before our eyes open. The power of the mind works when we are asleep and awake. A never ending cycle to the conscious and unconscious world – so called thoughts. Regardless, when your day begins; now, mid-day, or at night – those stressful times still linger.

A child birthday party: happy thoughts right? Yet you still got the wheels turning about preperation, invites, the weather, regardless its your design to have the best party ever. Mow the grass, clean the house or book an event center. All the planning, plus normal routine activities. Its seems never ending, we somehow pull the whip ass out of our pocket and get it done. Take a moment and smile. Your doing a great job!😁

Of course the small things are forgotten. To remember the purple forks, well its okay. Who said eating cake with your hands is not allowed? Whoever it was needs a little creative lesson, and today is the day. John ate cake the first time with his hands at the age of 36. So no big deal, right?

If we beat ourselves up everyday over small stuff; looking pretty rough on an average day would be routine.

Purple forks : stressed out!

Its okay, today is another day. Whatever the day offers give your best. Tomorrow might be the day – learning to eat cake with your hands is an experience for another. 🦋

May your day be blessed. Until our minds meet again, blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter🦋