🍀Acknowledge the Foundation🍀

Bright Happy Days

 Doodling, jotting thoughts down regularly, gave definition to mind my business. Aside all the reality; make believe friends, telling stories, or magical playtime adventures. As a child, every imagination was real. Instant super hero abilities, the brown eyed, brown hair little girl had skill. No matter topic, subject, or class size. 

Society and peers direct tension towards writing, journaling, or keeping a secret diary. Someone passionate in a subject or  hobby; society refers to as geek or nerd. Persuasion involving research, critical thinking, that engages in a solution to society defines human intellect.

A teacher, cook, Punky Brewster, gardener, or just a dreamer, potential being endless.

After all as a child, we are told we can be anything we wish to be.  

Generation of strawberry shortcake, Tom & Jerry, garfield, ninja turtles, smurfs, Saturday morning cartoons.  My playground was in the woods. Carpenter skills were introduce by building an underground fort in a natural large hole. Playing in the creek just added to exploring nature.

  Learning skills were fundamental growing up living in the country. Gardening offered  benefits of canning, planting, how to prepare the soil. No matter the chore it had to be done. 

Possibilities are endless with an open mind.

The quest to know why? Understanding the reason behind a purpose.  

Importantly is being open minded. 

Educate the mind to motivate knowledge. One thing no one can take from us is knowledge. Somewhere in life knowing how to do something unexpected will be useful. Troubleshooting skills are a blessing. The influence life offers, to develop any “know how to ” or “do-it-yourself” are key elements to life. 

The precious ability to be a caregiver at 7, I knew was my life purpose. To care for an elderly women gave me emotional growth. Giving the best care to my friend, who broke her hip was priority. Knowing her well- being and health depended on me. Friendship,  rewarded for helping an elderly women with a broken hip. Whatever she needed I did my best to provide quality care.  Sometimes she paid me a dollar and a pack of gum. 

Just the experience gave me knowledge of emotional, mental and physical health. When I felt like she was doing well she left.  Not being able to say- good-bye played on my mind for so long. I knew I would never see her again. She was suppose to write, but never heard from her again. Of course, I wonder but know she has passed on from this earth. The unknown becomes a mystery to the mind over the years. 

The important value to always give your best at all times. Be valued by the positive you had to offer someone. Tomorrow could be to late to say good-bye.  

Good-bye can be tough  emotionally. 

Re-uniting with loved ones or friends that seperated by distance or time. 

The situation regardless has an emotional impact on us. Happy moments can have the same similar effects.

 Sometimes I wonder if that’s why I don’t like good-byes.  I have a hard time emotionally, sentimental, true when having to seperate or distance for a good-bye. 

Why not give others something positive to remember you by? Give your best today and say “your welcome”. Cause “thank you” is for your good deed offered. 

Take a moment reflect on your foundation. 

Has the foundation influenced your career?

How does it effect your well-being today? What influence did your childhood create? Positive or negative? Have you changed the ability to fix uncertain matters? What provided the mindset to overcome any issues? Have you created a better character because of inability of situations?

How does your mental health concerns to the world now? Stare your stories in the comments. Love to share ideas and impacts we are facing or challenged with.

Until next time, much love and blessings. Stay safe out there! Remember Everyday Mind’s Matter😇