🤺Introducing the Puppet🤹

Social skills defines who we are. Interaction and communication abilities provide others perception of character. A view of truth. We say, I need to see you, for you. I need positivity to be inspired and motivated. With these words, happy thoughts are not generated. . Need is a negative influencer, that lacks motivation and reinforcement. Saying “I would love to see your best work”. Would inspire a desire to present quality of work. Yet words are just that. Never do we edit words people say to us, we understand the communication of individuals accordingly Then we are gaslighted and our own character is railroaded. Others can change our demeanor and it is unnoticed for a long time. Our character is edited and we are blindsided overtime. Unaware of mind games, manipulation, unconsciously, and wake up hurt, in disbelief.

10 Key Strings of a Narcissist

  1. – The Impostor / Phony / Pretender
    False or deceiving character. Fake impression to win the attention of next victim. Sweet comments, holding hands, public affection, flowers, and gifts. Trying to make the best impression. Sadly, the charm of a player wins the victim at cock-hold. Blindsided by a cowardly act, which as time plays out. The narcissist is wanting the same gesture at all occasions. This is an act of weakness that proves narractist need to cover guilt. Guilt hidden layered beneath the troubled soul.
  2. – The Entitled Arrogant Sly
    Inflated sense of worth, false impression that no other can top their value. High levels of sarcasm, lacking emotional intelligence to empathy. Failure to comprehend wrong behavior is being responsible for your actions. Narcissist will never admit in doing wrong. If an apology is given, it’s just to seek revenge.
  3. – The Negative Dictator ( Dick )
    Enforced power of control over victims behavior and actions. A lazy way of having another person do for them. A high claim for control to over their own inner weakness. Feeling of empowerment of ego, that becomes an obsession.
  4. – The Extreme Exhibitionist
    Loud annoying vocal attempts to grab attention. Either conscious or non-conscious dramatic behavior seeking reaction of others. Narcissist action in poor noticable ways to be center attention. With a weaken ego, attention seeking is attempts of motivation through direct inappropriate behavior.
  5. – The Achiever
    With every conversation with a narcissist, they need to “top or one up on you”. Sharing positive accomplishmets are degraded quickly by narcissist. Positive victory becomes negative as they create themselves as the prize winner. In which, most have no victory of character. Let alone empathy to congratulate personal achieved of others.
  6. – The Bruttle Blamer
    Excuses, lies, manipulations, and clear fault. Narcissist are never at fault. The blame you must carry for everything. Never is good enough or done right by others. Narcissist is have orders but no effort to help. Words speak louder than actions is phrased by a narcissist. No intention to be productive. Even the bark of a hundred commands, actions to do, are far from reality
  7. – The Top Dog
    Everyone has a best friend, or claims to have. Narcissist have no true friends for life. It’s not so Dog-gone easy being top dog, one would think. Reality is the lonely dog, has barked up to many trees. The rude words of degrading slurs, are true colors all dogs can hear and sense. Top dog would be a positive hunter, not a Weiner dog who ontinues to bark negative words continuously. Intelligence speaks for itself, narcissist know no difference. In the mind of a narcissist, nothing is wrong, they never degraded anyone. They were disrespected and misunderstood by everyone else.
  8. – The Sexactic
    The love maker, player, impho, sex machine, whatever a narcissist believe they are. Sex is the only hobby they know. Sex is the day in day out of a narcissist. Being the comfort zone that gives validation. An instinct to act on evil behavior, by punishing others and gain self confidence. Sexual pleasure is done to prove validation for wrong behavior. Degrading, charming, or abusive, narcissist have their validation time.
  9. – The Master Mind
    At no cost, blindsided, ghosted, gaslighted, charmed, deceived or manipulated. Narcissist are Master minds. Once you have fell in love, been mind boggled by the lies and cheating, your twisted mind breaks silence. From every punch you took, to endless nights of crying, no explanation. As a victim you become aware of the abuse. The real pain of loving someone who never experienced love. The emotional, mental, and physical beauty of love. Everyday you hoped the narcissist would get better. Just let me love you, as victim, we wanted understanding why don’t you get it? Why don’t you understand? Let me help you, I love you! Only to realize …
  10. – You have beome the Puppet of a Narcissist
    Final project. An prize puppet, created by a narcissist. Hand crafted, degraded, lazy, no good stupid idiot, Beaten to conditioned liar, worthless, bitch to have sex with. Controlled, abused, degraded to narcissist level. Creating what the narcissist believe the victim should be a Puppet. A model of what narcissist represent. Once molded to perfection. Narcissist can not face themselves.
    The war begins. Fight or flight. To survive one must plan ahead to escape. No contact no remorse of leaving. Just leave quickly when you have a chance. The conclusion is be a survivor to write your own story. Be the Puppet who broke the strings. No ties no pain.

In conclusion, individuals can be skilled at mind games, we are blindsided. Our character lose confidence in who we are. When begin to think differently and behave out of character. Positive features washed away and negative become normal. Awareness, acknowledging, and asking for help to restore positive thinking once again. Falling victim to toxic people and relationship are not by fault. Build yourself an empire of positive influencers and rebuild. Your strength is resting! Plan positive connections, uplift your confidence, and disconnect from negative habits..

Until our minds meet again, much love and blessings, stay safe out there. And Remember Everyday Mind’s Matter 😇