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A Shaky World

The world makes me nervous. More so than ever, after COVID-19 seems like the money value has lots it’s way. There is no protection to financial security, companies are still going out of…

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Paper vs. Plastic

Technology is constantly evolving, and now that includes our financial lives. While we used to pay with physical money, the rise of digital wallets has changed the way we use money. So, what’s…

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Learning to Adjust

Change can be a daunting prospect and when life throws you a curveball, it can seem impossible to adjust. We must remember that sometimes these changes are for our own benefit – allowing…

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Last Thing Learnt

What is the last thing you learned? Short and sweet, I will never have an answer for this question. I continuously learn things and will continue to learn throughout Life. Learning is a…

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Remember, When?

It’s not easy aging, how often do you forget little common things? As we age, many things cross our minds regarding health, finances, and what the future will be. It’s normal to be…

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An Old Farmhouse

“If walls could talk”, the walls of a hundred-year-old farmhouse would tell history.. Built in 1923, solid wood, and the finest material money could buy. A farmhouse structured to settle on many acres…

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Online Therapy

Hello, are you struggling with your mental health? Online therapy could be the perfect solution for you. We offer a safe and secure online platform that allows you to access professional therapists anytime,…

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Just A Story to Tell

The world was spinning, day in and day out, with endless tasks and endless responsibilities. Everything seemed so meaningless, so fleeting. In a society plagued with economic decline and suffocating debt, where nothing…

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Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done. It’s so easy to forget about ourselves. Oftentimes, a haircut becomes more time consuming than it should be. Always put off for more prioritized…

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Testing Patience

Faith and patience are two of the most important traits that we must develop if we want to get through life with dignity. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with the same level of…

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What makes a good leader? Leadership is an important role that requires certain qualities and traits to be successful. An effective leader needs to have good communication and interpersonal skills in order to…

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Unexpected Challenges

Life can be full of unexpected challenges that can feel like too much to handle. It can feel like a heavy burden when stress and financial struggles are combined with other major challenges,…

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The last window

The world was a barren wasteland, a product of its own destruction. The Earth had been wracked by years of wars and natural disasters, leaving it little more than a barren rock with…

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What is? Why does it matter? Have you ever thought about your personal story? Could your story or experience help others? Writing is a form of self-help. We never realize but in some…

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Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is a mental health condition marked by frequent impulsive anger outbursts or aggression. The episodes are out of proportion to the situation that triggered them and cause significant distress. Do…

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Letting Go

A Guide to Accepting the Loss of a Loved One Losing somebody you love is difficult and can be difficult to cope with. It can be hard to know how to go on,…

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Fall into Season 🍁

❄️ What is it about fall and winter that makes us feel some kind of a way? The changing of leaves, beautiful scenery, holidays, cool evenings, winter boots, flannel shirts, and cuddling in…

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The Art of Gathering

Oh, how the times of gatherings have lost the shine. Interactions and communication are fundamental values to our well-being. The laughter, tears, sorrows, and happiness that others give us in this lifetime. Simple…

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Soy Candles and Mental Health

‍ It’s no secret that the fragrance of a space can have a profound effect on our mood. In fact, studies show that being in an environment with pleasant smells can directly influence our physical and mental health, as well as lower stress levels and ease anxiety. The scent of soy wax candles is unique…

👐 My Story My Version: Touched by an Angel 👐

May of 1987, celebrating the first birthday of my cousin. Laughter and voices filled the air, splashes of pool water throughout the day; memories made. As the day grew old, darkness was closing in. My uncle and brother headed to the car to retrieve hanging lights to continue the celebration. Unable to go, hiding by…

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