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Do you struggle with mental health? If so, you’re not alone! Find out how to tackle your mental health challenges, and uncover the secret to improved quality of life through unlocking the power of the mind.

“Fear triggers wisdom – connecting purpose with a peace of mind.” -Della L. 💞🦋

🦋 Mind of the creator – Della 👣

Hello and Welcome to Everyday Mind’s Matter🦋 My name is Della, I am a resourceful creative writer. As an enthusiastic woman, fascinated by psychology and mental health. Truth is both are as important as the other. The end of November 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic – shutdown, my reading tendencies led me to an article about a spill of some sort, containing a virus in China. The laboratory in my understanding is suit up – protective gear head to toe, full controlled operations. Added restrictions and heighten levels of security, due to the different risk factors involved. However, that virus was secretly brushed under a rug. Little did we know about this virus- the rug couldn’t hold the deadly secret once it was airborne.

In such a short time, President Biden – (March of 2020) announced a world-wide shutdown. The virus spill had swept the world 🌎 and changed lives forever. In less than 5 months, mass lay-offs, jobs ended, many applied and relied on unemployment. The mental health climb began as people struggled to provide food, make house and car payments. The one resource many workers needed most and failed millions of people – unemployment.

A head start to the mental madness we face today and days to come – I got a pen and paper and got to work. I had nothing but time, along with caring for my grandma – who was challenged with cancer. Actually this downtime, encouraged me to face my own mental health challenges… 💕 A peace of mind and a productive focus, kept me motivated..

As I began to write, my hand was overwhelmed by the thoughts and time, involved. Writing was a lot to keep up with – all at once, right away, I failed. Failed to understand writing was full time work and more than anticipated. I had no idea that my years of writing as child; wasn’t enough, I failed not knowing there’s structure, punctuation, a tone of voice and all this fancy stuff – just to begin writing. Little by little, I’m learning to improve and better organize this website and blog..

To read more about the mental health impact and related topics following the link below:

😇Why Everyday Mind’s Matter

I believed it would be easy to do by myself. No, it’s not easy at all. The instructions are easy to understand it’s just doing the process. I’m sorry I started this site with a bad hair day and an unprepared mind- mess of its own. With lots of reading and researching, I knew I had to get my act together. Learning to be patient is key, as well as mistakes and frustration. Are natural common truths about blogging. It’s just go with it, learn and keep trying to educate yourself one step at a time.


As this is another educational experience, learning to blog just by reading and hands on. 💻

Knowingly, I had so much love to share with the world. – 🌎 Wondering what is my purpose? Everyday Minds Matter

The main purpose of life is skill, wisdom, and understanding. lacked skill that the whole world never adds in conversation. Then for me – it happened Everyday Minds Matter.

Everyday Minds Matter is a blog about the importance of mental health and self-improvement. The Psychology and the power of one’s mind/mindset. Psychology and the mind are two closely related concepts. While both deal with the understanding of behavior, psychology deals more broadly with how the mind works, why people behave a certain way, and what influences their decision making. The mind is where our thoughts, emotions, memories, and motivations originate. My goal is to promote mental health education to help individuals overcome challenges. Understand and acknowledge the influences that evoke emotions, thoughts, and fill memories.

How does my experience relate to mental health resources and my education?

Honestly, my passion of choice would be psychology, the vast passion is driven by multiple studies. My Bachelor’s of Science – Psychology degree in 2012 gave me that dopamine rush – higher feeling of completion.

Dopamine isn’t just a feeling from drugs or alcohol use. Similar effect but more self inflicted and rewarding – accomplished. My creativity is a vast variety of Interest: crafts, decorative projects, reading, writing, and helping others. Part of my influenced habits include keeping my mind up to date with educational resources and learning new ideas for DIY projects. A stranger to mental health challenges, not at all. Struggles and challenges have renovated more than enough time & space in my world. My goal here is to provide others with a healthy mental health outlook. Knowing we all have mental challenges and believe it or not – Mental health concerns have increased to high levels just this year alone. Sadly, we are in a mental health crisis due to job loss, financial worries, food shortage, inflation, and the lingering effects from covid-19..

With a struggling economy, people are struggling just as much physically and mentally. Mental health has pushed our stress capacity to uncomfortable levels. This is why I personally want to help others who struggle with depression, anxiety, multiple deaths (loss of loved ones), being a caregiver, addiction, domestic violence, relationship issues, these are challenges, I have experienced, first hand. So many individuals continue to struggle and push through only to find they only create life-threatening physical and mental health concerns over time. Never is it easy to understand how to get help or support that’s available. If you need help please email or contact me directly. I will try to provide resources to my best ability. We are in this mental mess together.. You are not alone, it’s okay to not be okay. Our challenges can be sorted by knowing our own abilities to get help or ask for help.

To read My Story My Version, follow the link below :

My Story My Version

Now remind you there is a difference between mental health and mental illness. As mental health refers to anyone’s mental and emotional well- being state. Where as, mental illness one is diagnosed with a condition effecting thoughts and behavior. We all face challenges as anyone can have poor mental health at moments, but not all have mental illness.

In days to come, content of my own struggles depression, anxiety, death, relationships, domestic violence, panic attacks, caregiver/general stress, addiction, self-esteem /self confidence, and post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd),.

Until our beautiful minds meet again, be safe out there. Many blessings and much love. Remember Everyday Minds Matter -Della 💞🦋

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