Everyday Mind’s Matter

Everyday Mind’s Matter

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A blog about mindfulness, positive thinking, finding inner peace and stay productive.

Della Lonaker🦋

Just minding mindfulnessin in this crazy world we call “life”. As everything around us don’t stop for nothing except Covid-19. My writings are the realm we forget to grab until it’s gone. My creative writing ventures into psychology and mental health most often, due to the ability to expand our thoughts. My best days are consumed by life’s headaches. Thinking and writing which gives us a headache if we must research or solve a problem. Both are the foundation of who we are. Forms of expression. After all if something your passionate about gives you happiness. Push the limit and build something that creates the impossible. It’s one life, leave a legacy that others love talking about..🦋

  • ⏰Sleeping With The Mental Mess
    Your first thought is, “Oh my, I am not alone.” And then you think, “Well of course I am not alone—there are billions of us!” Just to crawl back in bed, grab the pillow. Ah! To be in that comfy spot, […]
  • ✂ Mental Unemployment
    How to Overcome Mental Unemployment: A blog about overcoming mental unemployment and being a life hobbyist. Have you ever felt like your brain is on autopilot? Like you’re just going through the motions of life, but you don’t feel like your […]
  • 🌳Behavior Triggered by Others Actions
    When you see your behavior as a reaction to other people’s actions, it can help you handle the situation differently. This is because it shifts your focus away from trying to control their behavior, which you have no power over. Instead, […]
  • 3 Tips to Deal with Bipolar 🎭
    Dealing with bipolor is tough. Whether you’re the person with bipolar disorder or the one who cares about them, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. The first step in dealing with bipolor is learning as much as possible […]
  • 👫 Time, Relationships And “You”
    Now is the time to talk about relationships. The time spent to balance life and yourself can be challenging. Given daily routine, stress and life events can effect time put in a relationship. How we manage our time to balance relationships […]

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